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One Woman’s Take: Roy Moore Was A Gift From God To All You Heathen Feminazis!

All of this kerfuffle over Roy Moore and the wonderful attention he showed the young girls in his community is completely overblown! A middle age man seeking to save a young girl from the dangers of becoming a self-reliant woman,...

Conservative Startup Offering ‘Yuge’ Reward For Trading In Race, Gender, Sexual Identity Cards

National Nativism and Ammo, a new startup Bible and Constitution printing company that also wholesales ammunition, whose mission statement says they're owned and operated by a board of  "God first, conservative second, Christian American patriots," issued a press release...

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Ben Shapiro Shocked His Wife Has This In Common With Every Transgender Woman

"It turns out, I can't make any of their pussies wet either." - Ben Shapiro A shocked and visibly distraught...
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