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Poll: 53% of Republicans Believe Ivanka Trump Is Actual First Lady

The results of a recently published Reuters/Ipsos poll could possibly provide insight as to how far politicians seeking to mint themselves as "bipartisan" would...

First Lady Ivanka Trump Signs Publishing Deal for Next Book “Riding Your Dad to...

Ivanka Trump is totally a great author, and she doesn't just get book deals because of who her famous, orange-skinned racist father is.

Mr. Ivanka Trump Continues His Twitter Feud With Mr. Crypt Keeper

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The entirety of alleged billionaire Mr. Ivanka Trump's presidency has been marred by scandal, FBI investigation, and more palace intrigue than...

Hillary Clinton Is Circling Ivanka Trump’s House Shouting “Lock Her Up”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Authorities and eyewitnesses close to the situation are confirming at the time of publication that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham...

Ivanka Trump Refutes Key Details Of Stormy Daniels Tell-All

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Adult film star Stormy Daniels made enormous waves on social and traditional media this week when her new tell-all book, Full Disclosure, was...

Ivanka Trump to Sing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to Her Daddy at Party

On his 71st birthday, President Trump will have his daughter Ivanka serenade him with a traditional birthday song.

What If Trump Uses Ivanka’s OnlyFans to Payoff His Rape, Defamation, and Fraud Fines?

"...it turns out Eric Trump  spent all his money this week on magic beans he thought he could plant so he could climb a...

Legal Experts Sharply Divided on Whether Trump Will Get Conjugal Visits With Ivanka

As the country braces for a potential arrest of former President Donald Trump, a cornucopia of legal questions has arisen. Given that a president...

Trump Tells Ivanka He’s Going to Pinch Her No Matter How Much Green She’s...

Today is St. Patrick's Day, and nobody knows that better than former, one term, twice permanently impeached, subject of several criminal investigations, historically least...