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Paul Ryan Not So Sure Collecting A Government Check Every Month For The Rest Of Your Life So Bad, After All

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced this week that he will not seek re-election, and 2018 will be his final...

Trump Says He’s Having A Hard Time Hearing Paul Ryan Criticize Steel Tariffs With Mouth Full

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today President Trump told reporters that he hasn't heard "a single word" of any criticism directed at him or his administration...

Paul Ryan Looks Forward To Life As Private Sector Misanthrope

"People always think I just want to gut Social Security and end Medicare, and that's utterly and completely false."

Paul Ryan: “Just Kidding! I Love Debt And Deficits!”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- When the Joint Committee on Taxation -- a non-partisan, official "scorekeeper" of the tax plans proposed in the Senate -- issued...

Richard Nixon Sends His Articles of Impeachment to Paul Ryan ‘To Save Some Time’

Talks of impeachment may not be bubbling up on the GOP side of the aisle, but Dick Nixon thinks they should, and he's trying to speed the process up.

Paul Ryan Celebrates Obamacare Repeal By Ripping Chemotherapy IV Out of Pediatric Cancer Patients’ Arms

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) visited a hospital on Thursday to celebrate a legislative victory in a very peculiar way.

Paul Ryan Resorts to Smacking Medications Out of Poor People’s Mouths

After eight years and more than 50 votes to repeal it, Paul Ryan realizes Obamacare is here to stay and needs a new plan to hurt the poor.

Paul Ryan Praying God Lets Him Rob Poor People Of Their Access To Doctors Today

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is reaching out to a higher power to help him take away essential health access from poor people.

Paul Ryan Worried Congress Can’t Destroy The Middle Class Fast Enough With All The Trump Distractions

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan really wants to do the job he was elected to do, but all of the distractions from the Trump camp are gumming up the works.

Trump, Paul Ryan Met To Discuss Most Economical Flavors of Cat Food For Social Security Recipients

Paul Ryan meets with President elect Trump to discuss Social Security's future.

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