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NRA Backs Law Allowing Gun Sales After Shop Is Closed

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- The National Rifle Association has come out in favor of new legislation which would allow for the sale of firearms after...

NRA Spokesman: Time Between Mass Shootings Shows An ‘Appalling Lack Of Freedom and Liberty’ In Australia

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- This morning, as the world grieves over the first mass shooting in Australia in over 20 years, the NRA says that...

Wayne LaPierre Sends Care Package of Cookies, Guns, Ammo to Oregon Militia Squatters

NRA executive Wayne LaPierre sends a special package to the Oregon Militia occupying a bird observatory.

NRA: Nation’s Guns Feeling ‘Confused and Upset’ Over Obama Executive Orders

Obama Executive Orders have a tendency to bring out the most rational of thought from right-wingers.

NRA Spokesman Reassures Public: San Bernardino Guns Are Safe and Unscathed

An NRA spokesman has some "good" news related to the San Bernardino mass shooting.

NRA Spokesman: Armed Fetuses Might Have Prevented Planned Parenthood Shooting

Could the Planned Parenthood shooting have been stopped if the fetuses inside were armed?

NRA Exec: Terror Suspects Have Second Amendment Rights Too!

One NRA executive explains why it's a good thing that terrorists can pass the FBI Background check.

NRA Executive: Promoting Civil War Fantasy Piece Was ‘Just a Suggestion, Not a Warning’

Right-wing blogger and gun rights activist Bob Owens wrote a piece about hanging Democrats after a civil war over guns, and the NRA promoted it, but why?