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Bill O’Reilly Sued For Sexual Harassment By His Vacuum Cleaner

SOUFFLER DUR, NEW YORK -- When the year started, Bill O'Reilly was still the King of Fox News. His show, The O'Reilly Factor, which...

Friend of Las Vegas Shooting Victim Calls Bill O’Reilly The ‘Price of Not Being Allowed To Punch Douchebags In The Dick”

Former Fox News host and current sexual predator Bill O'Reilly says that mass shootings are "the price of freedom," and this guy calls BS.

Bill O’Reilly Sends Commiserative Dick Pic to Eric Bolling, In Solidarity

Suspended Fox News host Eric Bolling got an unexpected bit of support from Bill O'Reilly, a former colleague and fellow sexual predator.

President Trump Wants Bill O’Reilly to Lead the FBI

The Trump administration is on the lookout for a new FBI director, and one of the president's closest allies just might be the one to get the job.

Jesse Watters Tells Fox News Audience Bill O’Reilly Left Him ‘Big Shoes to Fill and Huge Boobs to Grope’

Following in his mentor's footsteps is proving to be kind of difficult for the newest Fox News star, Jesse Watters. Sad. So sad.

President Trump Asks Bill O’Reilly to Become His New Head of Female Outreach

President Trump has reportedly reached out to former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly to see if he'd be willing to reach out to same ladies for him.

Bill O’Reilly Seen Filling Out Employment Application at Hooters

Former Fox News icon Bill O'Reilly is in desperate need of a new gig, and might be looking in some surprising places for it.

Mike Pence Demands Fox News Carry Bill O’Reilly’s Contract to Full-Term

Fox News is about to terminiate Bill O'Reilly from their airwaves, and that has Vice President Mike Pence in a hot, foamy lather.

Fox News Hires Bill Cosby to Co-Host New Women’s Issues Show With Bill O’Reilly

Does Fox News host and serial sexual harasser Bill O'Reilly have a new broadcast partner in television veteran Bill Cosby?