13 Year Old Trans Boy Thinks Milo Yiannopoulos Is A ‘Totally Creepy Perv’

HILL GLENN, OREGON — A young trans boy in Oregon wrote a letter to his local newspaper’s editorial board over the weekend, castigating outspoken right-wing pundit and provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos over a tape that has leaked in which Mr. Yiannopoulos seemingly advocates in favor of sexual and romantic relationships between adolescents and adults. The tape leaked as Yiannopoulos was a key speaker the annual Conservative Political Action Committee meeting in Washington, D.C.

The tape, which really got legs through conservative media outlets, has caused a sharp divide within the Republican Party and the conservative movement. Peter Williams, a 13 year old trans boy living in Hill Glenn, Oregon, heard the tape online and wrote the editorial board of The Hill Green Gazette a scathing letter to the editor, blasting Yiannopoulos as a “charlatan, fraud, and basic conman” who “sells moral purity and crusades” while “harboring inappropriate feelings toward inappropriate sexual and romantic relationships.

“That man has made a career out of victimizing little boys like me who were born in a body we don’t identify with,” Peter’s letter states, continuing to add, “I think it’s kind of ironic and sad that he’s a champion of victimizing 13 year olds in a totally different way.”

The letter demands an apology from Yiannopoulos for “spending years turning kids” like Peter against themselves, all while Mr. Yiannopoulos himself is “clearly okay diddling little boys.”

“Just so long as those little boys weren’t born biologically female, I guess,” Peter’s letter seethes.

Williams’ letter states that it’s “kinda fitting [Milo] spends so much time trying to make kids like me feel like creeps and perverts for being who we are, and it turns out he’s a totally creepy perv himself.”

“The sad part for him is that he’s now just another cliche — a moral crusader who winds-up just being a total douchebag hypocrite,” Peter told us during a phone interview over the weekend.

Peter added that his dad told him about “this tubby piece of shit called Newt Gingrich” who once “led a presidential witch hunt over a consensual blowjob, and it turned out years later Gingrich was fucking someone while his wife was battling illness.”

“he was probably fucking her in the parking lot on recess breaks from the hearings he was conducting,” Peter said, “and Milo’s no different than Gingrich or this other guy Denny Hastert that my dad told me about.”

Yiannopoulos couldn’t be reached for comment, though his business manager said he’d contact us as soon as he got back from the local skate park, which he went to after going to the mall for a few hours to “young people watch.”

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