G.I. Joe and COBRA Weigh-In On “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

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The military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy on homosexual soldiers in service, enacted while Bill Clinton was in office, is being hotly debated and when it hits the Senate, faces a likely fillibuster. Pop singer Lady Gaga has taken up the cause, and has become almost a spokesperson for the movement to abolish the law in order to just make it legal to serve in the armed forces, regardless of sexual orientation.

I decided to take the issue to those it could effect the most, those men and women serving in the armed forces. So I found a few enlisted men and got their take on the issue of the homosexual enlisted.


Roadblock has been a memeber of the Joes since 1977. His speciality is heavy weapons and rhyming couplets.

"If you like men, women or both, it's fine by me. We can't beat COBRA without unity!"


Law has been in the force since 1985. His K-9 companion Order was given to him as a puppy shortly thereafter.

“Call me when they drop the ‘No dudes who are into Bestiality’ law! Wait. I mean. Umm…”


Lady Jaye has been in the GI Joes since 1981. She is a counterintelligence specialist, and she is an expert at weapon repair.

"Let's just say I have very personal reasons for wanting this law repealed...and so does Scarlett."


Destro has been Cobra Commander’s second in charge since 1969.

"COBRA has been a fully open terrorist organization determined to rule the world since 1997. Even we think it's completely un-evolved and barbaric to discriminate based on sexual orientation! The Dreadnaughts were able to drop their cover story and just be free to be the maruading band of homosexual mercenaries. I myself have been in a three-way mutually sexual relationship with the Baroness and Tomax for six years."
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