Wait…You Like Mitt Romney?

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Let me start this with a very important disclaimer: I am not now, nor will I ever be a conspiracy theorist. It’s not that I don’t believe that conspiracies happen; I most certainly do. But I’m not one of those people who sees every strange or seemingly out of place occurrence and immediately assume there’s some vast network of underground operatives pulling the strings and yet another global power-grab.  That being said, I think I should at least warn all you Progressives out there to keep a good, close eye on your Facebook “Likes.”

In the last week I’ve seen two of my very Progressives friends “Like” Mitt Romney’s official page on Facebook. The first time I was shocked and a little appalled since I figured I knew the guy well enough to know he’d never like that lying, vacuous moron, and he’d certainly never vote for him, let alone rather publicly declare his admiration for him. Not wanting to start a Facebook fight, I decided to leave it alone and not say anything. Later that day though, he posted a status update basically saying “What the fuck? I’d never like Mitt Romney, and I don’t like him now.” So another of his friends must have tipped him off. I thought it was odd that his Facebook profile would a politician’s page randomly, but I thought “whatever” and considered the issue closed.

Then a couple days later another very Progressive friend popped in my feed, with a message that she too in fact liked Mitt Romney. “What the fuck?!” So I messaged her my concern, relaying the story about my first encounter with a friend’s page erroneously liking the MittBot. She came back to me and said under no circumstances was she a fan of Willard and she thanked me for alerting her to it.

Two cases of this strangeness do not equate a conspiracy, I know that. My guess is that Facebook is working behind the scenes to tweak their new Social Media Meets Elections integration and maybe some things are firing off that shouldn’t. Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that I’m being told more and more that a friend likes  a certain beer or car company, which I’m sure is just Facebook’s marketing team inserting “viral” advertising into my feed. I don’t mind that, however I do think it’s a little shady and stupid to do the same thing with political figures. After all, some of us very much so identify ourselves by who we support politically. I’d not be incensed if my page suddenly liked Team We Love Money More Than Life, but I’d definitely not be thrilled over it.

It’s one thing to be forced into “liking” Heineken. It’s another to be forced into liking a lying scumbag like Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan.

So keep your eyes on your Likes, and if you notice anything funky, do me a favor and drop me a line over on our Facebook page.



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