‘Twas The Month Before Fiscal Doomsday

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‘Twas the month before fiscal doomsday, and all through the House
Boehner and the Republicans were running their mouths
About tax breaks for the wealthy, but austerity for the rest
In hopes their rich overlords would keep filling their chests

The children don’t matter when profits are at stake
Who cares how very little their parents all make?
“The middle class are all takers!” Says the out of touch Right-wing
Never mind that Red States get the most Federal bling

Over the cliff, they seemed bound and determined to take us
“Even an electoral college trouncing will never, ever shake us!
We’ll end your mortgage deduction, and make you pay more
While our rich campaign donors move all their cash offshore!”

Out on the White House lawn, Obama did stride
A pen in his hand, and nothing to hide
He said he’d sign the deal that only raised rates on two percent
But Republicans told that Kenyan-Socialist-Commie to just get bent

Now Boehner, now Norquist, now Paul Ryan and Rand Paul
Are insisting on reverse income redistribution rather than call
Their buddies on Wall Street and ask for a little more
Four extra cents on a dollar might really hurt them, after all

Though the election was run on the proposition of higher rates
The Republicans ignore the results, and harp on Benghazi-gate
The country has moved on, and accepted that things in the Middle East aren’t nice
But why fix the economy when you can trash and bash Ms. Rice?

Math and facts are biased and scientists hate God
What this country needed was a VP with a hot bod
But the parasites all spoke, and they elected their Socialist King
So it’s back to obstruction and not fixing a damn thing

So they’ll hem and they’ll haw, and propose the same stuff
Gut and cut the social safety net and  tell the rich they do enough
Screw the old and sick, they’re just dragging us down
Who needs a life preserver when the middle class can just drown?

– James Schlarmann, The Political Garbage Chute




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James is the founding contributor and editor-in-chief of The Political Garbage Chute, a political satire and commentary site, which can be found on Facebook as well. You definitely should not give that much a shit about his opinions.
  • The Truth Fairy

    Beautiful job as always, my friend. Love, The Truth Fairy (www.facebook.com/TheLiberalFairy).

  • Theresa

    Perfect! I couldn’t have said it better myself. It was very well written and straight to the point. This is exactly why I love satire.

  • David Otness

    Other than putting a halo on Susan Rice, good job.

    • I don’t exactly call saying that she’s been thrashed and trashed as necessarily putting a Halo on her, but thank you for the kind words regardless!

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