Truth? What’s That? We’re Republicans! We Have Bullshit and Rhetoric!

It must be nice to be a Republican. You don’t have to operate in any sphere of reality, and your voters will just keep turning a blind-eye to your lies because as we all know it’s only liberals who lie. Take for instance Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Almost a full week before President Obama’s speech on climate change this past Tuesday, Boehner ripped the energy proposals of the administration, calling them “job killers” and saying they’d raise the prices of energy everywhere. “Why would you want to increase the cost of energy and kill more American jobs at a time when the American people are still asking where are the jobs?”

He’s right. We’re asking for jobs. While he and his Republican cohorts write abortion laws and symbolically repeal Obamacare.

We’ve documented it time and again on this site — the fact that while Republicans claim to be all about jobs they’re not actually lifting a single fucking finger to help create any. So let’s just ignore that particular bit of hypocrisy for the time being. Let’s focus instead on the outright mendacity of Boehner’s claims. I guess to be fair to Boehner, you can’t really blame him too much. After all “job killing” is just something that gets programmed into your cerebral cortex at  The Conservative Politician and Thinker Android and Robot Center. Any Democratic plan for anything is immediately labeled a “job killer.” Even jobs bills that are specifically designed to encourage industry growth and literally create jobs are called “jobs killers” because  — gasp! — they might not further line the pockets of the One Percent.

So it’s not that Boehner’s a lying sack of shit, it’s just that his habitual tendencies are hard to stop. Who cares that economic and climate experts have said that the complete opposite is true? Who cares if economic experts actually think the climate policies proposed will create jobs?  Who cares that pretty much everyone else who isn’t in bed with the Republicans has said that all of Boehner’s claims are “wildly overstated?” Speaker Boehner knows his constituents are never going to actually be confronted with the truth. He knows he’ll never flip on Fox News and see Bill O’Reilly grilling Eric Cantor over the fact that real studies done show that the impact of environmental regulation changes on jobs is very minor. When you operate in a world where the truth — in all its liberal bias — is never delivered, it makes it easy to lie and lie and lie. What do you do when you’re caught in a lie? You move on, or you find some granular element of the story and fixate on it, rather than admit you’ve wasted time and money chasing your tail.

Darrell Issa is the clown prince of lying Republicans. Perhaps “lie” is the wrong word, though for a man with as shady a past as Issa, calling him a liar isn’t really much of an insult, or anything new for that matter. I’m certainly not going to accuse Issa of lying  the way he accused Jay Carney of lying so casually. I will however point out some rather interesting things about all these witch hunts Issa’s conducted while chair of the Oversight Committee.

There have been some major issues in how Issa releases information and conducts himself. It’s one thing not to take “no” for an answer, but it’s something else entirely to get to the bottom of a story and just simply not accept the truth. The truth about “Fast & Furious” is that it was a horribly stupid idea…that started under George W. Bush’s administration and continued under Obama’s. If anything it shows that having these semi-autonomous government agencies that don’t always have culpability back to the White House is perhaps not such a good idea. Are we really surprised that the ATF, which has been left intentionally rudderless by the GOP for years now, would be left to their own devices and come up with something like a gun walking sting operation that wasn’t completely thought out? Of course not, but Issa’s not interested in actually reforming anything, even when evidence shows he should be going down that road. It’s clear that Issa’s not about fixing government; he’s about using government as a political stage on which he can tap dance in the spotlight.

How about the Benghazi emails from the White House that were just straight-up doctored. Whatever happened to that story line? I notice that the right-wing has all but shut up about Benghazi, but we’re not spending any taxpayer dollars investigating who falsified information coming out of the White House? Can you imagine if during Bush II’s presidency it had been discovered that the House Democrats had doctored White House documents to show the White House did something that just wasn’t true? Rush Limbaugh’s verbal diarrhea would have been so explosive his colon would have literally ejected from his esophagus in the second hour of his radio show. Yet, no word from Issa on the emails. The story broke, and then that was it.

Perhaps the biggest tip-off to the country about just how serious the Republicans are about governing comes from the latest development in the IRS Tea Party targeting scandal. As it turns out, it’s not really a scandal at all because progressive groups were being held up for further scrutiny too. Now the fight is over whether the Tea Party groups still faced more scrutiny than the liberal groups. My argument all along has been that if you claim to be anti-taxation, and if you spout off at the mouth about how taxation and tax collectors are the spawns of Stan himself, you don’t get to be indignant.

You don’t get to act hurt if you talk endless amounts of shit about the IRS and then IRS says to you, “Hey Jethro, can we see your list of guest speakers to make sure it’s not all politicians giving stump speeches?” Now that we know for a fact that liberal groups got flagged as well, this too becomes a story less about political intrigue and more about a government agency trying to keep people honest when the system opens the floodgates and allows for more and more people to get a free ride from the taxpayers to become political operatives.

There is plenty of legitimate material for Republicans to take Obama to the woodshed over. The president’s foreign policy decisions — specifically to arm the Syrian rebels when more than 80% of the country doesn’t support the decision — are one key area to score points with the public. So too are issues of privacy and national security and where the two intersect. Not surprisingly though, that’s not what the Republicans are focusing on. Because they’ve become the party of entrenched, fringe ideologues they are more concerned with abortion bills and the culture war. They have to be. If they don’t turn back the tide and get their programs popular again, they’re going to be left behind. The problem for them is that they aren’t retooling; they’re re-branding. Slapping a new sticker on the same box of broken ideas isn’t going to work though, neither is hurrying harsh anti-abortion laws through state legislatures.




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  • Wolfgang K

    All these politician’s lie, but i’m more concerned with ideology, in which i’m conservative.

    • I feel the same way… although I’m more concerned about everyone actually being given rights

      • Wolfgang K

        You can be a conservative and stand for rights also, who said that because you believe in the strength of the constitution that you are against rights?

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