Trump Disappointed He Didn’t Meet Presidents of Puerto Rico Or Virgin Isles On First Day of APEC

DA NANG, VIETNAM — Yesterday marked the first of two days of this year’s APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit in Da Nang, Vietnam.

While the annual summit is a chance for the leaders of APEC nations such as Singapore, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, to meet and discuss economic and other issues facing the region, one “world leader” was noticeably disappointed that a number of the region’s leaders were unable to attend the summit and meet with him.

Speaking to us on the condition of anonymity, one member of the delegation from the United States earlier today said, “While President Trump is today pleased to have the opportunity to meet with leaders from several nations, including his long term friend and co-conspirator, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Mr Trump has expressed his disappointment of not being able to meet the President of the great nations of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and New York.’’

When asked if he felt that it was appropriate for the President to be meeting personally with the Russian leader given the current political climate and recent indictments against members of the Trump campaign as part of the official investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, the representative replied, “I can confirm that the President and Mr Putin are not meeting in an official capacity today, they are however meeting in Trump’s hotel room later as friends.”

Asked what the nature of this meeting would be, the representative added, “Mr Putin is simply eager to spend some quality time with his good friend before Mr Trump is sent to prison early next year — It is only fair that we let them have this time. As I am sure that you can also understand, the President also deserves a shoulder to cry on later tonight, he is having a rough day, with the leaders of nations such as New York and Puerto Rico not turning up, there is no one to thank him for all his hard work helping them during recent times of crisis.”

Following up with another question, our political correspondent asked the Trump representative if they felt there was any risk that the President would be leaking during his meeting with Putin, to which he reassured the crowd of journalists, “There will be leaking, however I highly doubt it will be of information.”

The President of Idaho could not be reached for comment.

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