Angry Trump Tweets About Lack Of Thanks From Pardoned Turkey

THE WHITE HOUSE — Earlier today President Trump took part in the annual Presidential tradition of pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey. The event, which for the past eight years had become a highly anticipated dose of dad joke comedy under Obama, this year took a slightly different tone as Mr. Trump christened the turkey “Drumstick” before proceeding to flap his own arms around while pretending he’s funny by laughing at his own words.

Although the main event itself was over in under 30 minutes, the day’s drama has continued as the President sent a tweet only moments afterwards in which he branded the turkey “selfish” and “ungrateful.”

This latest outburst of anger follows on from a week of the President calling out those he feels have not shown what he considers an appropriate level of appreciation for his actions, starting first with anger at LaVar Ball the father of LiAngelo who was earlier this week freed from a Chinese prison for shoplifting, and later at all women because they are yet to thank him for making their health a major talking point.

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