The Pledge

They were there though; of course they were. Stastically about one in ten probably was living life in the closet. I can’t imagine my kids having to hide away who they were for fear of some kind of barbaric and mean-spirited hazing. We simply must create a world where this kind of thing is a sad relic of a former era.

As a parent nothing frightens me more than the thought of someone hurting my child. It should be just offensive to anyone with a child that their safety could be threatened over their sexuality. I understand fear of what we don’t know; it’s human nature. But what I’m saying is that it’s time to kill the ignorance with truth, compassion and kindness.

Maybe if all of us┬áthat have┬ákids could make this pledge, we’d plant real seeds of change. If an entire generation of children were to grow up without a stigma surrounding homosexuals we could wipe out homophobia and bigotry. Maybe our children’s generation could truly have equal marriage rights. It’s not a pipe dream. It’s a reality we all have to work for, but can easily bring to fruition.

The question then is left to all of you, who happen to read this. Will you too pledge to do your own small part to make a real change? Haven’t enough kids been beaten up or worse because they happen to be attracted to the same sex? We’ve reached a breaking point in this country, friends. It’s time to tip the scales over.




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