The Most Revolting Press Conference In History

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Wayne LaPierre is either the most comically evil or comically stupid person on the face of the Earth. A week ago today, twenty kindergartners and six adults whose job it was to protect those children were mowed down by a man carrying weaponry that no citizen has any rightful purpose to own. For the last week, LaPierre’s group, The National Rifle Association, has remained silent. They pulled their Facebook page down and their twitter account did not send out any “Yay Guns!” tweets. Then a couple of days ago they broke their silence and said they were holding a major press conference today, which I just watched, and now I find myself furiously pounding away at the keys, trying to hold together the outright rage I feel inside for LaPierre and his organization. 

So why did the NRA wait for an entire week to speak out on the terrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut? Were they going through a period of intense reflection over at the NRA? Remember, this is the group that has force-fed the public nothing but pro-gun fear mongering about how President Obama was going to take their guns away (he actually only signed two pieces of gun legislation in his first term, both of them expanding the list of areas it was permissible by Federal law to carry a firearm). This is the group that held a convention just over a week after the massacre in Columbine in 1999, a conference that produced the now infamous Chuck Heston sound byte, encouraging people to pry his gun out of his “cold, dead hands.” If you were expecting some kind of rational and cogent concession that their actions in the last thirty years especially have helped create a hyper-obsessed gun culture that has helped lead to an epidemic of mass shootings in this country, you can keep waiting forever. LaPierre’s audacity knows no bounds, apparently. The NRA’s big solution to gun violence in schools?

Armed guards. On our playgrounds.

First he needed to excoriate the media of course for their ignorance in gun specifications. It’s the go-to NRA rhetoric. “See how dumb these non-gun loving people are? They don’t even know that this gun is actually semi-automatic, and isn’t anything like BLAH BLAH BLAH.” Then LaPierre decided to inform us all  it is all the media’s fault for demonizing gun owners. It’s certainly not the fault of the mother who knew she had an unstable son and decided to buy military-style firearms anyway. No, of course not. It’s the media’s fault.

Every American should be shocked and appalled that this was the great NRA’s suggestion. It takes a special kind of evil or stupid to suggest not a week after twenty children less than ten years old were viciously gunned down that the reason it happened was a lack of armed guards at our elementary schools. The irony of a group that’s run by a bunch of NeoConservative neanderthals who belch out platitudes about freedom while un-ironically insisting the only way to protect our children is to turn our schools into prison camps with armed guards is simply too delectable to not savor just a tiny bit.

But the humor of the moment dies down as soon as you realize that not only did the NRA not learn anything last Friday, or from the subsequent outpouring of sorrow and grief over the tragedy, they’re doubling-down on their obsession with and promotion of guns. Just stop and think for a moment. In Wayne LaPierre and the NRA’s minds, it is more acceptable to turn our schools into armed facilities than it is to tell Americans we have to temper a Constitutional right with prudence. Rather than ask gun nuts to relinquish their assault rifles, which no non-combat civilian has any logical reason to own, it’s better to put yet another gun in our children’s lives.

It is downright criminal to suggest such a thing. To add further insult to injury, there was not even a mention of mental health reform. They didn’t even use the shiny object technique and say “Look, we’re going to spend our considerable resources helping to shore up our country’s failing mental health facilities.” It’s the fucking least they could do, right? If they’re going to create a gun culture, they should be willing to do what it takes to ensure we keep guns away from dangerous people. But that’s not their solution. In fact, the only mention of the mental ill LaPierre made was to ask why we don’t have a database of mentally ill people. Gee Wayne, even if we did, your group would fight against any background checks being performed that would actually keep a gun out their hands, wouldn’t it?

Their solution is to simply put another dangerous firearm next to your sons and daughters, on a daily basis. What kind of message is the NRA sending the American people? I’ll tell you what kind of message they’re sending. The profit margins of the corporations they represent are more important than your children not growing up with armed guards in their schools. That is not a conducive learning environment, to the say the very least. “Johnny, please stop staring at the hulking man with a semi-automatic firearm at the front of the class and tell me who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb.”

No sane or rationally thinking adult should agree to this atrocious idea. Our country was not founded on the idea that our need for firearms supersedes our children’s need to learn in a conducive, safe environment. That is just not an acceptable solution to the problem. I can entertain the notion of mental health reforms being a big focus of resources, but I will not now, nor will I ever in the future support the further infiltration of gun culture into our kids’ lives by planting armed guards at our schools.

The statement it would make about our country is one that we should all be ashamed to declare. We would be telling the world that we’d rather be able to own a weapon that fires hundreds of rounds a minute and carries thirty rounds in the clip at a time than to have our young ones go to school in a zone free of weapons entirely. We pay police officers and other first responders for the task of protecting our schools. The answer, Mr. LaPierre, is not to turn us into a country whose schools look like old Third Reich stalags

Is this the face Mr. LaPierre wants to greet your kids at school every morning?

No, Mr. LaPierre, I do not accept your suggestion. I do not accept your premise that this massacre has anything to do with how the media talks about guns and their specs. I do not accept your notion that we should treat schools like we treat the White House. We offer the President and Vice-President and their families Secret Service protection because we assume that bad people are out there planning to do harm to the president. But as far as I can tell, the only one who’s willing to inflict more damage on our children’s safety and well-being is you.

I will do everything in my power to stop this terrible idea from picking up momentum. I will not sit back and watch my children’s lives be infiltrated with gun culture in their places of learning.  The National Rifle Association and Wayne LaPierre need to be taken down several pegs. The American people need to send a very clear message to that group of barbarians that we will not ask our children to sacrifice their innocence so that Bushmaster, Colt, or Smith & Wesson can enjoy higher profits and further pervade our way of life.

Basically, I’m saying this:

Fuck you, Wayne LaPierre. You can put armed guards on my kids’ school yard over my cold, dead body.



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James is the founding contributor and editor-in-chief of The Political Garbage Chute, a political satire and commentary site, which can be found on Facebook as well. You definitely should not give that much a shit about his opinions.
  • Someone should ask LaPierre: What happens when the armed guard at the schoolyard snaps?

  • Shelby

    He spoke about “our president” like he gives a shit! Prior to the election The NRA produced a 30 minute infomercial called “The Secret War on Guns” It was 30 minutes of hate directed toward our president, Janet Napaltano, Mexicans and of course Eric Holder. Many stations were running this piece of shit until wrote their investment departments. The Sportsman Channel was the only outlet that continued to run this pro-gun propaganda. How dare this monster claim to give one iota about the safety of President Obama.

  • NDC

    Insane! BTW, he wants an armed guard at every single school? When so many public schools (like in Chicago) do not even have basics like libraries or even TP for the bathrooms, how could schools afford them? Also, there are plenty of very bad “good” guys that carry weapons now. Apparently LaPierre has never ever read the news. I wonder if he is actually displaying early stages of senile dementia with his advancing age? Seriously. Hardening of the arteries can totally lead to this.

  • L

    This writer and journalist has courage!

  • Carrie

    I agree that more guns are not the solution. But while we’re working on mental health care and parenting skills, how do you plan to protect our children? It seems to me that we have two choices, keep our children home under our watchful eye, or provide someone to watch over them when we can’t. It is no longer enough to just keep our fingers crossed and hope it doesn’t happen to us.

    This is not what I want my children to see, but if given the choice of this or being a victim, you can believe I would choose this.

    Let’s face it. The solution is not easy, and it won’t happen quickly. It’s going to take years to undo the damage that’s been done, and that’s only IF we take the right steps. As much as I don’t like what our country has become, I refuse to stick my head in the sand. We MUST have a short term solution as well. The long term solution does nothing to protect our children NOW. Banning semi-automatic rifles might help, but let’s remember that Columbine happened 5 years before the assault weapons ban expired.

    In reference to Dade’s comment, there are approximately 900,000 police officer’s in the United States, all carrying loaded guns. How often do they snap? And when they do, how often is it directly related to the stresses of their job? An armed officer in a school would hardly face the same level of stress. And even if they do “snap”, is it really likely they will take it out on the kids? When police officers “snap”, they often take it out on themselves and their families. Not that any of this is OK, but bad things happen no matter how smart and careful you are. Statistically, these shooting sprees have been committed by unstable men in their late teens and early 20’s. A 35 year old man with a stable home is not statistically likely to mow down our children.

    • savannah43

      Why don’t we just construct schools the same way we do prisons? Barbed wire, armed guards, and so forth. Your logic eludes me. Your lack of logic does not. Spewing NRA propaganda does not solve the problem.

      • Carrie

        NRA propaganda? I pay almost zero attention to the NRA. This is my personal opinion.

  • Markos

    The NRA response to this latest horrific tragedy shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is an organization that thrives on blood and fear. Gun sales rise with every drop of innocent blood spilled, here and abroad. The NRA and the conservative mindset that created and supports them, are masters at using fear to manipulate and control, and use that manipulative power to pry hard earned cash from the wallets of the terrified minions who wallow in that fear and manipulation.

    I really have nothing against gun ownership, per say. I’m former military, and, to be totally honest, firing automatic weapons and tossing live grenades was some of the funnest stuff I did in my time of service. I don’t blame anyone who wants to have a bit of that fun for themselves.

    HOWEVER, since some of the weapons being sold to the public today are designed specifically as combat weapons, with the ability to very quickly kill and/or maime large numbers of people at once, and they serve no peaceful purpose whatsoever, I would offer that they belong on gun ranges ONLY, and not in the homes of those who may be far too mentally unstable to be allowed near any firearm, let alone combat assault weapons.

    I propose we finally start following the second amendment, and enact some serious, draconian, rigid regulations, starting with an outright ban of individual possession of any firearm that can fire more than 5 rounds per second, can utilize a magazine with more than 9 rounds, and has no known peacetime purpose.

    Anyone who wishes to own one of these weapons would have to subject themselves and everyone that they live with to a thorough, exhaustive background check, at their own expense. Once they pass that background check, they would be required to undergo extensive training, at their own expense, including final certification, which would require annual testing and re-certification. Only when they’ve passed these two points of entry would they be allowed to even apply for purchase of one of these weapons, but they wouldn’t be allowed to follow through on the purchase until they’d also signed up for membership into a local gun range facility, at their own expense. The weapon would be delivered to that facility and would not be allowed off the premise, without written permission from local authorities, and then only to be transported to another gun range facility, for permanent housing of the weapon.

    Once all of these steps were taken, the prospective gun buyer could then make his purchase, and along with that purchase would be a 100% tax, with funding set aside to provide mental health improvements as well as gun victim survivor funding.

    Along with these regulations, mandatory sentencing would be put into place for anyone not abiding by the new laws. Get caught with an AK in your closet, and spend the next 5 years in prison, and lose your right to ever own a firearm again. Commit a crime with a firearm of any sort and spend an automatic 10 years in prison, on top of whatever term your charged crime consists of.

    This way, we’re still allowing full gun ownership to anyone who qualifies and desires to own one, but we strictly limit actual physical possession of the most deadly types of weapons. Let people own them all they want, but they have to visit the gun range to touch and fire them.

    It’s time that we all recognize the fact that, at the time that the second amendment was written, the only firearms around were single-shot, muzzle-loaded weapons that would be virtually unusable in a mass killing scenario. Time to put the NRA in their place, by starting to actually follow the second amendment, by putting some serious, sensible regulations into place.

    • John Lovejoy

      The problem with this plan is that some nutjob could go to the firing range, pick up his gun, and blast his way OUT of the firing range, taking his gun with him to any place he wanted…

      • savannah43

        So, you think no one would shoot back?

    • Willam

      I like it, it’s sensible, self supporting, and as close to fool proof as humans can make a plan involving high powered weapons…. You will never get it past the gun lobbies.

  • John Paterimos

    Do we really want to create a firefight in our schools, or shall we at least give the teachers a chance to do what they did last week, and save as many as possible…More guns…The most ridiculous thing I ever heard, and an insult to intelligent people everywhere….

  • Jennifer Schmidt

    James, great article…your last sentence though summed it up for me. I’ll be right there fighting over putting armed guards in schools with you!

  • Connie Mae

    Thank You for the excellent article. We are gun owners but grandparents. We don’t want this future for our grandchildren. The NRA must be stopped…NOW!

  • Karen

    The NRA’s answer to anything and everything is always more guns. They are a bunch of mindless idiots with no critical thinking skills whatsoever. They have a narrow view (guns, guns, guns)of the world, of our problems and cannot think outside the box. Actually, they refuse to think outside the box. It angers me that the media give them so much attention.

    • Lee

      Trying to fix the nation’s problem with gun violence by applying more guns to it is like trying to fix the drunk driving problem by applying more alcohol.

  • mike hannibal

    just your freedom to rant online is protected and was earned with you think they give you freedom of speech cause they like you? dont be an idiot every amendment that is written is protected by an armed public so i will call for you to retract your statement and prove that your smarter than you sound.and i will expect that immediatly.

    • That is the height of stupidity. Our freedoms were won using muzzle-loaded muskets and cannons. Nowhere but in America would we think it’s a good fucking idea to set up the OK Corral at schools. Dumb argument is dumb.

    • savannah43

      You’re so funny, Mike.

  • The Truth Fairy

    Maybe everyone with mental health problems can get a tattoo, like the Jews in WWII. It’s so rare for me to take much personally, but this is beyond personal. Armed guards at school is just plain stupid. A mental illness registry is just plain hurtful. It makes me look back at the past 4 years at the people saying Obama is a Nazi. Who’s REALLY talking like one? Despicable.

  • julie

    Why is everyone so horrified about having armed guards at school? Don’t you want your children protected?
    So, it is stupid to suggest that an armed good guy guard our school children but if a bad guy comes to their school what is the first thing that will happen? The teachers will call an armed good guy to come take care of the bad guy! But then it is too late to prevent harm. The bad guy comes in to an advertised gun free zone and does what he wants until the armed good guys arrive.
    If the parents know they would expect the staff and teachers to call armed police the minute a bad guy arrives, why, oh why, wouldn’t the parents want an armed guard there already to prevent any deaths?
    If you don’t want preventative measures then are you equally opposed to calling in the armed personal after a crazy person starts shooting? Of course not! So, it is asinine to have armed personal there prior to the crime but ideal to call in armed personal after the children are dead?
    Your arguments are logical! Think logically. Where are you safest? Where there are no police or where police are guarding you? Does anyone think it asinine for the others to have guards and armed personal around them? No, that is protection and prevention.

    • Have you ever heard of the OK Corral, Julie?

    • OH

      I understand Columbine had an armed guard. The issue isnt armed guards, the issue is you Consevatives insisting that more and more guns should be more and more freely available and that therefore we should not go back to the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban which Banned these stupid gun-nut-freak 30 round clips.

    • Willam

      Julie. The idea of having armed guards at schools is not the problem, The PROBLEM is people that think that more GUNS is a solution. MORE violence around children is not the solution, less violence is. Less violence requires the REALLY hard work of determining the root causes of violent actions such as mass killings, and working on methods of PREVENTING those from happening in the first place. Would armed guards at the school have saved the first victim? Would armed guards at a school have saved the victims of the theater shooting in Colorado? An Armed guard did NOTHING at Columbine, A Campus POLICE FORCE,(Armed) did NOTHING in Virginia. YOU CANNOT GUARD EVERYONE EVERYWHERE! We have to STOP THE SHOOTERS BEFORE THEY PICK UP A WEAPON, not after. You don’t do that with armed guards, or armed teachers, or armed kids. You do that with better mental health treatment, better firearm safety and training for gun owners (gun safes, Anyone?), and you mainly do that by finding out why people are driven to these heinous acts, and then try and prevent those driving forces from making people feel so out of control, or hurt and hated,m that they would feel the need to hurt innocents in this fashion. Now do you get it? -out-

    • savannah43

      You’re focusing on the result instead of the cause. Thus the problem with your approach.

      • Folks….these guns are stollen. Presumably the registerred owners did not have mental health issues when they bought them.

        Remember, it’s all about the sneak attack. Catch them by surprise. That’s how armies do it when at war.

        We cannot possibly post guns in every movie theater, every school, every mall, every coffee shop, every university, every gas station,every political event where the public comes together. That’s madness. Take those guns out of the public’s hands. No one NEEDS them. No one.

        So what if one anti-gun law gets passed and more follow? It’s all good.

      • Remember, it’s all about the sneak attack. Catch them by surprise. That’s how armies do it when at war.

        We cannot possibly post guns in every movie theater, every school, every mall, every coffee shop, every university, every gas station,every political event where the public comes together. That’s madness. Take those guns out of the public’s hands. No one NEEDS them. No one.

        So what if one anti-gun law gets passed and more follow? It’s all good.

    • McGee

      “Where are you safest? Where there are no police or where police are guarding you?”

      You should immediately move into your local jail. You would be really safe there!

  • TJ

    Solution A: Work with Federal and Local law enforcement agencies, school administrations, and local communities to harden the target.

    Solution B: Assemble a group of Heroes to sail to the Land of Nod and ask the Fairies to make guns disappear and conjure a magic mist of peace, love, and harmony to protect our school children.

    You all seem to be choosing equivalents of B.

    • OH

      Conservative, why dont you let Americans choose to ban the 30 round clips, we already have law enforcment working with agencies.

  • OH

    Conservatives, we have armed guards in schools and that isnt the issue, the issue is the guy going up against the armed guards has these 30 round clips because we dont have the assault weapons ban like we did when Clinton was in.

    Conservatives, banning the 30 round clips is not a step towards taking away all guns, pure and simple, face facts.

    Consevatives, stocking up on guns in case of a revolution is stupid because the price of guns and gun training would go down after the theoretical revolution started.

  • When the Lakewood police were simply having coffee and going over the day’s agenda a madman with his finger already on a loaded semi-automatic went directly face to face with police who were heavily armed and managed to kill all of them because his finger was on the trigger before they could even get theirs out of their holsters. When Joshua Powell knew the police would soon arrive, he hatchetted his kids over their heads and set his home ablaze. When the D.C. Sniper wanted to take down innocent people he and Malmo hid in the trunk of their car with an assault rifle and did his dirty. There is no way I could accept this argument that armed guards need to be in our school. I can, however, with a level head on my shoulders and passion in my heart demand that assault weapons be against the law to own and that possession of one not turned in and gets stolen should net the owner an equally stiff punishment as the criminal who committed the crime.

  • So now, you propose armed guards in our schools, what about all the malls and theaters and every public place where people gather? Is that really the solution? Use some common sense.

  • Byron

    20 children died, and all these people, and many on the web, can do is worry that their precious guns are going to be taken away. If that’s your worry, then something is seriously wrong with your moral compass. I’m a gun owner, as a matter of fact I grew up competing in target shooting competitions, I know guns like the back of my hand, but when it comes to the safety of children, you can regulate my guns all you want. They are not more important than a child’s life, but that is what many are saying that guns are more important, and these people are vile, who selfishly only care about themselves. Many say they need their guns for the protection of tyranny or even to throw over the government if necessary. Do you know how foolish you sound? We have the strong military in the world, we don’t need your weak militias, and as for overthrowing the government, I want to see you overthrow the military first. Grow up people, the majority of people are not wanting to ban all guns, but just want reasonable laws put in place making it more difficult for tragedies like in CT to happen again. And being a professional shooter, I can tell you right now, there is absolutely no reason for any American to own an assault weapon. NONE. They are not for hunting, those guns are manufactured for killing, and killing in large numbers. And I don’t care how much fun they are to shoot. They should be banned. And I believe they will be. Start acting responsible Americans, and quit acting like a bunch of spoiled children, and do the right thing.

    • BarbaraF

      Byron, you seem like the only sane post among gun owners. We are way long passed due for some simple gun laws. The NRA doesn’t want even 1 law to go through. They believe this would cause maybe more laws to follow, which is really what they are afraid of. There certainly should be a ban on semi-automatic guns. There should be a waiting period to check the person trying to buy the gun to see if they have ever been in jail or if they have mental problems. A few simple checks should not bother the ordinary people who just want a gun for hunting or protecting their homes.

      • Torrence

        A very, very, very, strict set of qualifications needs to be enacted at a national level to sort out who can have a weapon and then it must be stated the intent of the owners’ use of that gun and then an annual re-certification via mental tests and proper use of firearms tests. The numbers of guns allowed should be based on the intended use and made realistic. No pistols, ever. Ammunition sold in small lots and controlled then be like high grade explosives. Sentences for misuse should be dramatic and failure to re-certify sends to police over immediately to confiscate the weapons and levee a significant fine. Owning a gun may be a constitutional right but the Constitution does not say anything about the degree to which they may be regulated. 95% of all firearms in the hands of non military/paramilitary people need to go away.

        • @Torrence:::How do you control their psychotic family members who make off with these guns like Adam Lanza?

          They weren’t on the gun application.

  • The guy with tha assault weapon always has the edge on things because he has the element of surprise in his favor. That’s why the police in Lakewood did not have time to respond and defend themselves. They were not anticipating such an assault. They were ambushed just like these kids were.

  • The Oracle

    1) I tried to find information about Wayne LaPierre’s “history” on-line, like when he graduated from high school. He graduated in 1967, making him of prime draft age for the Vietnam War. He then went on to Sienna and then Boston College. Did he get a college deferment? Multiple deferments? What was his draft number? Did he pull a “Dick Cheney”? Maybe even 4F due to some disability? IOW, is Wayne LaPierre just another war-mongering right-wing chickenhawk, like Dick Cheney, someone who never served in the U.S. military (like all of today’s House Republicans), with a gun fetish, subverting our democracy and sinking safety in our society?

    2) Several years ago, “News of the Weird” noticed a pattern involving police crime reports (murders, thefts, etc) in which perpetrators kept popping up with the same middle name, “Wayne.” For instance, John “Wayne” Gacy. “News of the Weird” posted columns of the name “Wayne” showing up in crime reports from around the country. Is the “Wayne” in Wayne LaPierre, therefore, his first (and only) first name or is it maybe his middle name (because many Americans have two names before their family’s name, but often only use one)? I couldn’t find out on-line, whether LaPierre’s full name might be John Wayne LaPierre (like John Wayne Gacy). Does anyone know? I’m not saying necessarily that Wayne LaPierre is similar to John Wayne Gacy, but only that “News of the Weird” just noticed a pattern involving the name “Wayne” in people’s names on police crime blotters. But after hearing Wayne LaPierre’s NRA talk, he does come across as a psychopath, sociopath like John Wayne Gacy, so maybe “News of the Weird” was onto something.

  • BarbaraF

    The NRA is afraid that if one anti-gun law gets passed, more might follow. They don’t think about the current law so much as they are worried about the ones that would follow. There is absolutely no reason for an ordinary citizen to own a semi-automatic weapon. And you don’t need clips that hold hundreds of rounds. If you are going hunting and cannot hit anything within a few shots, go back & relearn how to use your gun. If you want a gun in the house for protection, how many rounds are you going to put into the guy before you’re sure he’s dead? This isn’t a protect my house issue. And, unfortunately, you can’t even convince the NRA that gun checks to weed out criminals & mentally unstable people who want to buy guns is at least the first step in keeping people who shouldn’t own a gun from getting one legally.

  • Carrie

    Did any of you actually watch the entire NRA speech? How ironic that most of you are suggesting the exact same things the NRA suggested, but you’re too hung up on the gun aspect to see that many of you actually agree with the majority of the NRA’s propositions. They DID say we needed better mental health care. They DID suggest that violence in video games and movies had a large impact on susceptible people. This is what anti-gun groups also say!

    I also find it ironic that everyone is screaming that Columbine had an armed guard, and that did nothing to stop the violence. Hello…the assault weapons ban that everyone is suggesting also did NOTHING to stop the violence.

    Why is a suggestion of one thing that didn’t work stupid, while the other is great? NEITHER stopped the tragedy. To suggest that banning large magazines and assault weapons will fix all the problems, well history has already proven that that’s just not true.

    So while you’re all busy complaining about things, how about offering up some real solutions? Complain all you want about the NRA, but at least they’re trying to fix the problem, even if you don’t agree with their methods.

    You know what one of the biggest problems in this country is? Too many people that sit around and complain, and not enough people that step up and actually do something about it.

    I’m doing something about it. My children are being trained to defend themselves in a critical situation. We regularly discuss what steps to take if something like this were to happen. My children are learning how to take down an armed person. My children are learning how to use firearms responsibly. If an attack does happen at my children’s school, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if I heard it was my kid that stopped the gunman. Why? Because I’m teaching my children how to avoid being a victim in any circumstance, whatever it takes.

    • I watched the entire press conference. Wayne LaPierre mentioned mental health reform in a passing way. And regardless, the point is that the NRA’s big fucking idea is to put armed guards at every school. We can’t afford good teachers, but apparently the NRA thinks we should spend money on a good shot instead. Fuck that shit. Fuck that shit with an object that was never intended for sexual shenanigans. Like an atom bomb. Yes, that’s the ticket. Take an atom bomb and fuck Wayne LaPierre, the NRA, and their idiotic fucking plan to turn our country’s schools into militarized zones right in their faces.

      And for someone who took the time to write a 500 word essay on whining, you sure did a whole lot of fucking whining in this comment.

      • Carrie

        Well, they are the National RIFLE Association. They are not mental health lobbyists. I wouldn’t expect any group to focus on something they don’t lobby for.

        You call it whining, I call it trying to get people up off their asses. Everyone is so busy sitting around complaining, how many are actually DOING? If you’re not willing to do something about it, something more than bitching when things don’t happen the way you want them to, then stop complaining!

        And more violence is not the answer, except, apparently, when you want to shove an inanimate object up someone’s ass because you don’t agree with their point of view.

        • I’m glad you focused on the clearly hyperbolic part of my comment that was meant only for emphasis.

          • Write to your senators. Write to them everyday. The NRA has had way too much power in our government proceedings. Show your political representatives that you care deeply and want the climate to change. Tell them it is time and that things have gone too far. Demand more rational and critical thinking to come to conclusions that benefit everyone, not just the NRA. If they don’t hear from you, they won’t know about your passions. They are there for you, to speak your voice, now shout it loud and strong against gun controls that favor very few and have hurt way too many.

          • Carrie

            I’m sorry, but I just cannot take someone seriously when the extent of their contribution is “fuck that.”

  • Torrence

    Joe stares at his AK47… he can’t really use it because he lives in a city and it’s not deer or duck season. He really wants to though, after all it cost a fortune and he does have three hundred rounds of ammunition not including the three loaded 20 round magazines. He picks the rifle up, loads it, he fondles it. He unloads it then loads it again, he stares at it… secretly hoping that an armed intruder will materialize and burst in. He’s the man with the gun. No one f**ks with the man with the gun. He’d finally be able to assert his right to protect his property. He’s a champion of his rights after all… no one will take this gun from him, no one. He daydreams about how he might use his rifle; an armed invasion of the USA, perhaps a terrorist loose in the neighborhood, an out of control bank robber, an angry coworker, a drug fueled interloper, the list goes on and on. They have guns don’t they? Yes, they do, they have lots of guns; more than Joe’s paltry collection of one. He’s thinking he needs a little pistol to keep with him at all times. Nothing too bulky, something that he can slip into his waistband when he can’t quickly access his AK47. He believes he can take it to work because there have been quite a few shootings in the workplace in the last few years. He’d be a hero if he put down one of those mass shooting crazies. Maybe he’d need a spare clip for that pistol, he’d keep it in his pocket. You can’t be too damn safe anymore. Joe is not going to get caught short when the firing starts. What a sick society he thinks. No better time to prepare for when it gets really sick than right now… now is the time. He get the oil rag out and wipes down the blue black metal again. He loves the smell of that oil rag. He places his AK47 up against the coffee table and turns on the news. Its all bad, bad, news tonight. A war here a war there, an abduction, a robbery gone bad, a man shoots his wife in anger. Joe reaches for the safety of his AK47. No one f**ks with the man with the loaded gun.

  • murphyturkey

    Now look deeper and start asking bigger questions about who is behind 9/11 that has turned the USA into a multi Trillion dollar armed prison camp? Do you think maybe there is an agenda behind the scenes going on with some of these shootings? Dave Emory on his blog has been noting the connections between certain American far rightists in the USA and Arab far rightists behind an agenda at home and abroad to push the U.S. over a cliff into an authoritarian police state as has been done in Egypt. Does this look like what we are seeing? The USA is being nudged bit by bit along this trajectory. Who is behind it? Once upon a time, they had a very similar series of events in Europe. They called it “Gladio.”

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