The Bottom of the Barrel Award #3: Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Turzai

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This week’s winner is the genius who revealed what we all pretty much figured was going on. There are some Republicans who apparently believe that voter suppression is a route to a win on election night. Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Turzai made national headlines when he spoke at a local meeting of state Republicans. Apparently no one has given Rep. Turzai the news that in today’s Internet age, word can spread really quickly if you say something you shouldn’t; and that’s exactly what Turzai did.

In a meeting of Pennsylvania Republicans, Rep. Turzai let the cat out of the bag in regards to voter ID laws that are suddenly popping up in state senate chambers across the country. Progressives have real concerns over these laws, as they seem to target voting blocks that typically swing towards the Democrats. Groups like Latinos are being singled out by a lot of these laws that would suddenly start requiring a voter show avalid state photo ID before being allowed to vote. Everyone wants to the vote to be free of fraud and misconduct, but adding a brand new requirement of voting puts another obstacle between the voter and the voting booth.

For letting the cat out of the bag on Republican Voter ID laws.

There are three groups that are most impacted by a sudden requirement to show photo ID before they can vote: elderly people, minorities and students. Each one of these groups has unique challenges to acquiring those photo IDs. Republicans in the state, and pretty much wherever these new voter suppression laws have been enacted, claim that in no way are they targeting certain blocks of voters, and there certainly is no partisanship at play.

Well, then Mike Turzai went and let the cat out of the bag. In listing the accomplishments that the Republicans have achieved for their party, Turzai let slip one line. One single line pretty much lifted the veil off of the entire Republican gambit as it pertains to voter ID laws.

“Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done,” said Turzai. So there it is, plain and simple and out in the open. They enacted voter ID laws, and in Turzai’s excellent opinion, that will allow Romney to win the state come November.

Congratulations, Pennsylvania State Rep. Mike Turzai, for exposing the crooked Republican voter ID laws as being nothing but modern voter suppression techniques, you are the winner of this week’s “Bottom of the Barrel” award!





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