Okay Barack,Let’s Get Real

November 6, 2012 0

So you’ve been given your second chance. Your contract is good for another four years. You’ve told us that we are the change, and I believe you. We will fight for you and with you and when we feel you’re not doing enough against you (but always from a place of love and respect). We are truly in this together. But can we really make this all happen in four years? Probably not. If we can put in the work though, can we move the country pretty far forward and upward? […]


What’s Half a Billion Among Friends?

August 1, 2012 0

I’m not arguing that we set up dispensaries outside of schools, or that we mandate that everyone smokes a joint before they go to bed (the population boom would be too much to handle of that came about). But I’d be willing to be that if more people did smoke pot at night instead of drinking six beers, there’d be much less domestic dispute and violence. After all, stoners don’t get violent. They get hungry. And sleepy. What I am arguing is that it’s tremendously short-sighted of any city to turn their nose up at medical marijuana as a means of getting some tax revenue generated in their city. […]

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