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Rick Santorum — Every Liberal’s Choice For the GOP Nod

Maybe the only way to really beat back the hounds of homophobia is take down one of their loudest barkers. If we Liberals really want to see forward progress in the realm of human rights and marriage equality for all, we need to take the risk and put up our guy against the leader of the Ignorance Wing of the Republican party.

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An Open Letter to America In Re: Rick Perry

C’mon guys, seriously. We’re not going to be roped in by another southern drawl and a wink are we? We played this game before, and we wound up with massive debt, two unending wars and severely damaged economy. Not to mention a sacrifice of privacy and civil liberties thanks to the Patriot Act.

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An Open Letter to Victoria Jackson

Dear Victoria Jackson, Wow. Wowee wow wow. Your comments about “Glee”, homosexuality and even Muslims have my head spinning. How did you ever survive as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live”? I remember you being in sketches that perhaps didn’t feature two homosexual characters kissing, but they certainly did …

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