Sorry American Bigots, Not Being Victimized Isn’t An “Agenda” — It’s a Basic Human Right

Attention American Bigots —

You know what kind of rhetoric I’m sick of hearing? I’m sick of hearing how we all need to feel sorry for the poor picked-upon bigots in this country who simply feel it’s their Constitutional right to make second-class citizens out of the LGBT community because “God.” I keep coming across the baleful moaning of the religious right all over the Internet, complaining about the creeping “gay” agenda. Because you know, not being fired for your sexuality is “special treatment” and every single artistic expression of confidence and self-empowerment is just a subtle way for the gays to ram themselves down your throats, right?


Although, now that I think about it, you are not entirely wrong — there is most certainly a concerted effort to move society to a place where most Americans don’t feel comfortable blasting someone for their choice of adult sexual partner. That doesn’t make it a sinister agenda though — it makes it a righteous one. You see, equal treatment under the law isn’t something to be taken lightly, though throughout our country’s history there have been factions — and you bigots are most definitely our generations iteration of this phenomenon — that have most definitely taken the plight of the downtrodden lightly, even going so far as to take on an air of imperial entitlement to your own civil rights while openly advocating the subjugation and dehumanization of a smaller cross-section of Americans. The natives, the African slaves, women, and the LGBT community. They’ve all been put underneath your boot heels, and in every successive generation, you’ve been rebuffed in your efforts to maintain your monopoly on civil liberties…which is why you’re ramping up the stupidity and rhetoric now, of course.

See the thing is, those of us who fight for social change are always forced to take the culture war route, because theocratic buffoons like yourselves refuse to deal with us on any other level. There’s also the simple fact that when you boil humans down to their most essential elements, we all just want to live and let live. Sure, some of us — namely you lot– have it in mind that you should be able to inflict your arbitrary and frankly arcane notions of societal norms on the rest of us, but in the end, it’s you that’s ramming your agenda down people’s throats, and is the rest of us that are trying to cut through the religiosity and get down to the nuts and bolts of a simple civil liberties issue. So yes, maybe you do see a pro-gay message every now and then, but if that message is simply “stop beating us up and/or firing us for being gay,” that’s not an extreme message, that’s a common sense message.

To people like me, and I am indeed in the majority, LGBT folks aren’t “deviants” or “sinners.” They’re people. Those who choose to use those words to describe members of the LGBT community do so at their own historical peril. More and more people are waking up to the idea that gay people just happen to be sexually attracted to people of their same gender, and being gay in and of itself is not a reflection of the moral compass one possesses. This is as “no fuckin’ duh” a moment one can have, but it’s important to point out when addressing you simpletons, isn’t it?

I recently came across an unhinged blog entry from a Mormon grandmother who is up in a tizzy over what she sees as the sinister, aggressive gay agenda in Disney’s “Frozen.” In case you haven’t seen it, I’ll try to spare you any major spoilers, but the story is pretty easy to follow. There are two sisters, both princesses. One has a magical power that can freeze everything and one doesn’t. Since the theme of the movie is to accept who you are — the magical one must embrace her power to find true happiness, not hidden away from the rest of the world — that of course means to this crazy lady in Mormonistan that the producers of the film really just wanted to run 90 minutes of the words “YAY TO THE GAYS!” across the big screen, but went with the more traditional, “story content” route instead.

Look, I didn’t write the movie, so maybe there is indeed an intentional, pro-LGBT message in “Frozen.” My response would mostly be of the “who cares?” Variety. There are plenty of places one can go in society if they want a bigoted, homophobic message. Disney and any other company who decides to read the changing winds and adjust their content to be more inclusive isn’t part of a sinister agenda, it’s part of the never-ending process of societal evolution, and that’s what really sticks in all you bigots’ craws, isn’t it? You just can’t stop progress. You can threaten. You can warn, and you can throw epic tantrums, and you can turn even the most benign message of “love you who are” into an attempt to make someone feel less than you.

But it’s just not just dumbasses in the general public we have to worry about mixing up the message of tolerance. Over in Nevada, there’s a Republican candidate for congress who actually thinks ENDA — the Federal law that would make it illegal for LGBT community members to be discriminated against solely on the basis of their sexual orientation or identity — would set up reverse discrimination. Because you know, if bigots can’t be bigots openly, aren’t we trampling on their rights?

The answer is “yes,” by the way. We are indeed trampling all over a bigot’s rights when we tell him or her they can’t use petty, bullshit excuses for hurting someone anymore. That’s sort of the point, because really the fact is that no one actually has the right to discriminate against someone for something that does no harm to society (spare me the bullshit, bigots), and that they cannot control. This is the same civil rights argument we’ve made about women’s suffrage and the movement to abolish Jim Crow. You bigots do have a reasonable expectation to be able express your backwards notions on race or sexuality, but you do not have a reasonable expectation of enforcement of those beliefs.

In the final analysis, it’s just plain false to call the LGBT community’s struggle for recognition and acceptance as anything remotely “sinister.” The real sinister behavior is coming from those who are colluding to use religious-based hatred to continue to oppress a group of Americans. Not being victimized by society isn’t some unreasonable expectation that the LGBT community has — it’s a basic human right that we all should enjoy. Freedom from persecution for being “different” was one of the strongest motivating factors for many of our ancestors to immigrate to this continent. How very quickly some forget that struggle once they are allowed to sit aloft the perch of democracy and spit down on those they don’t deem worthy.

The good news is your time is literally running out; it’s just a shame there’s nothing we can do to speed the sands through the hourglass.




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