“5 Reasons The Religious Right Loves Donald Trump”

In the 1990’s, the Religious Right helped encourage Congressional Republicans to go on a moral crusade against President Bill Clinton over his clandestine affair with intern Monica Lewinsky. At the time, it made sense for a bunch of reasons. Republicans had long counted on the Religious Right to carry them to political relevance, especially in key parts of the country. Clinton was a Democrat, so there were partisan political reasons for the GOP to go along with what what the evangelical fundamentalists wanted, and they could make it all seem legit by saying it wasn’t about the blowjobs, but the obstruction of justice over questions about the blowjobs, and that’s why they were going to impeach him.

While it might seem kind of rediculamedumb (technical political science term) to mount an ouster effort over personal sexual dalliances that don’t impact one’s job performance, it’s at least consistent with their stated social morality for them to defend the institutions of marriage and all that in such a way. And for years we’ve heard them say what a vile human Bill is because of all his accusers, etc.

But, well, why did they vote for Donald Trump? He’s an admitted sexual predator that loves to grab women by the pussy. That doesn’t sound moral. That doesn’t sound good, clean, or upstanding. That doesn’t make any sense, for them to back Trump, does it? Well, actually, we did some research on that subject, and as it turns out, there are at least five reasons the Religious right would cozy up to Donald, and we put them together in a video segment.

“5 Reasons The Religious Right Loves Donald Trump”

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