Petroleum Lobbyist Warns Solar Power Spill Could Devastate Environment

One man's argument against solar power.

Uncontained solar energy could irreparably damage the ecosystem and kill countless animals and humans, according to Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association President Chris John.

The former four-term congressman from Crowley told a gathering of Rotarians at the Lafayette Petroleum Club that solar energy is much more dangerous to the environment and human life than most people realize.

John said many people think solar power is harmless because they’re in the sun all the time and are perfectly healthy, but the state’s top advocate for petroleum interests insists vast amounts of solar energy could potentially kill thousands of people, ravage untold acres of wildlife, and make entire cities uninhabitable for centuries to come.

“A lot of people are suffering from the delusion that solar power is safe because it’s natural, but solar energy is radiation, for crying out loud! That stuff will kill you!” John told attendees of the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Lafayette. “If we start storing enough solar energy to replace what we’re using now and it leaks out, God help us all.”

He also challenged the notion that the sun is an inexhaustible source of power that would help America’s energy independence.John said such a “solar spill” would be like “Chernobyl plus Fukushima to the power of Three Mile Island.”

“Solar is not a renewable energy source. The sun will implode in a few billion years, which means it won’t be around forever,” John stated. “Plus, we’re trying to develop more energy from right here in America, so why would we spend billions importing energy from a source that’s 93 million miles away? That’s just stupid.”

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