To the Cop Who Told Me Not to Resist: Go Fuck Yourself

Dear Sunil Dutta,

Let’s start at the top, shall we? Go fuck yourself.

Your finger-wagging, condescending bullshit op-ed in The Washington Post is the epitome of why so many people don’t trust and/or like their local police force. Let me see, Mr. Dutta, if I can summarize the thrust of your idiotic “I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me” piece.

“Boo hoo! I’ve been cursed at. Don’t curse at me because I’m not a bad cop. Even though I’m given a deadly weapon and several non-lethal forms of hurting you, I’m the one who needs protecting from those mean ol’ cuss words. Oh, and also, I’ll totally fuck your shit up if you don’t treat me like your master. Because I’m not a bad cop.”

It’s your job, Mr. Dutta, to protect and serve us.

Look I don’t want to be “that guy,” but we do actually pay your goddamned salary. I know you probably have heard that time and again from, as you put it, “belligerent” people, but I don’t care. It’s the truth. I deal in truth. You may deal in anecdotal condescension. I don’t. So yes, suck it up, sir. You are an employee of the very same people you’re telling need to just “sit down, sit back and shut up.” If you don’t believe we pay your salaries and that we deserve your respect for that fact, let’s see what happens if we start voting for people who agree with us, and start burning your military toys budget to the ground. Let’s see what happens when people who agree with me get elected to office and clean-fucking-house, sir.

Therefore, it is the height of rudeness and arrogance to presume to tell us that unless we want to die or be badly hurt, we need to not question you at all. Am I not to infer from your article, sir, that you contend any dissent is punishable by you, Mr. Dutta? It seems like you’re telling me I can’t even ask you why you’re stopping me. It seems to me that you’re implying that simply by virtue of your badge and gun that you have the outright authority to shut me up, no matter how respectfully I ask you these questions. I get this feeling because you don’t earnestly write the sentence “I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me” without coming off as being completely obtuse and unwilling to actually attempt to dialogue and oh, I don’t know, serve the community and protect civility, like you’re supposed to, no matter the lucidity level of the person you’re interacting with.

I get it, Mr. Dutta. There are definitely people in this country who hate cops. There are definitely people who fear cops because they hate cops. Sometimes, those people are criminal douchebags. Fuck those guys. If someone crosses the line from free speech to threatening your safety, by all means subdue the bastard. Just don’t fill him with at least six rounds from your semi-automatic handgun, sir, if you don’t mind. Just you know, uphold the due process that you’re sworn to protect, is all we’re asking for.

But I find no small irony in the fact that the thrust of your piece is “we’re not all bad cops, so don’t paint us with a broad brush” while you basically tell us that any questioning of your authority makes us the bad guys. Allow me to point out that many people don’t have every law and penal code memorized, so some folks may be questioning you out of sheer ignorance, but not an ignorance born of malice. Some may question you because yes, they are skeptical of your authority to enforce something on them. That doesn’t make them someone you need to threaten with physical pain to get through to, nor is it someone who deserves your disrespect Mr. Dutta.

So you’ll excuse me if I “Selson Blue” your pleas not to pigeonhole all cops; it’s just plain disingenuous under the cover of your authoritarian pabulum that essentially paints anyone skeptical enough to ask you a question as a trouble-making scofflaw.

Your job, Mr. Dutta, is to protect everyone. That means even the people who don’t respect you. There is approximately the same amount of intellectual geography between “Why are you doing this?” and “I am going to hurt you” as there is California and the fucking moon. In fact, there’s just as much space between “fuck you, pig” and “I’m going to hurt you.” Sticks and stones, Officer Dutta, if you want me to brief about it.

The stunning expose into derpitude that your piece provided completely shirks the responsibility of police officers to be the cooler heads. You can’t preserve the peace if all you’re into doing is flashing your piece. Police officers are supposed to be the level-headed ones, and if you can’t handle a belligerent person better than with six rounds to center mass, you have no business being a cop. This isn’t to say that once belligerence crosses over into serious threat territory that you can’t subdue them, but there are reasons that we make it very clear what is a threat and what isn’t.

We didn’t give you tasers so you could use them instead of your vocabulary and empathetic impulses…provided you have them.

And now, let me be the political comedian who gives you a lesson in Constitutional Law. A sign, placard, music lyric or protester shouting “Fuck the police” is not something you get to arrest us for. You have every right to be offended. The F-word is a big, bad scary word to some. I get it. But the rad thing about America is that we’re all supposed to understand that saying “Fuck you” doesn’t mean “I am going to kill you and rob you of your own freedoms.” And the bottom line really is that many people have an absolutely valid reason for screaming “Fuck the police” and even for being resistant of police authority.

What reasoning, you ask? Simple.

Despite your insistence that “officers are rarely at fault,” that’s just simply not the case. It’s the height of willful ignorance and transparent bias to even remotely infer that. Officers are rarely at fault because it’s usually only other officers protecting their own when reviewing the shooting incidents. That’s like pointing to the FBI’s own internal audits clearing them of any wrongdoing in 100% of the shootings. It smells, looks, and tastes like the same kind of fascistic excrement you’re trying to bury us all in with your op-ed. I’d say I’m disgusted by The Washington Post for running your autocratic propaganda, but that’s like being disgusted by something Ann Coulter says about Hispanic people at this point.

Don’t believe me? Ask the Freedom Riders. Ask any black person hosed in a peaceful protest in the mid-20th century. Ask The West Memphis Three. Ask Rodney King. Ask the family of Dr. King. Ask the parents of Ferguson who have had their 8 year old kids blasted with tear gas canisters. Ask the reporters that were arrested in Ferguson. Ask anyone who has surfed over to YouTube and simply typed “police brutality caught on tape” into the search bar.

Pffft. “Officers are rarely at fault…”

Seriously: Go. Fuck. Yourself.





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  • Supreme Commander Kim

    hey Sunil Dutta, this is not India. Make acting like an asshole works in India, but in US you get bullet between your brain. curry head.

  • mikrat

    “It’s your job, Mr. Dutta, to protect and serve us.”

    Wrong, Wrong, Wrong – They are hired by a Corporation to Serve and Protect THE CORPORATION and the Bankers interests- Thats it. Even SCOTUS has ruled so.

    Every Incorporated CITY, School District, COUNTY, University, POLICE FORCE is a Private Corporation – Anyone Ever wonder why a Corporation has the Right and/or Authority to Hire a Armed FORCE to rule over you and I?

  • john smith

    Hey Dutta !! You know where the sun don’t shine? That is where you can kiss me !!

  • Cog Buster

    Bravo…fucking BRAVO!

  • cjluthy

    I’m surprised that the “protesters” aren’t also concealed carrying, and defending themselves against unlawful arrest…

  • Brent

    Officer Dutta single-handedly set back public relations at least 20 years for police departments around the nation. Great job, moron. Instead of demanding instant, bootlicking obedience, try politely asking for cooperation, Officer Dutta. Obviously that won’t satisfy your out of control ego, but it would be effective. Seriously, Dutta, you come across as a head case. You seem to think that you are above the rest of us due to your job. Well, guess what. Your job is not the most dangerous around – not even close. Your are not putting your life on the line by going to work every day any more than a lot of your fellow citizens. You are not automatically a hero because you are a cop – we saw how many of you were pissing yourselves with fear when one of your own, Dorner, went rogue. We don’t need you to save us from the bad guys very often – most of us never do – and usually you guys just show up and take a report long after the danger is over in any case. If you cops would quit protecting the a users in your midst then maybe you could start winning back the public’s respect, but your gang-like culture doesn’t allow that. You guys close ranks and protect the worst amongst you even quicker than a bishop covering up for a pedo priest. Spare us the egomaniacal bullshit, Officer Dutta, and realize that you are a public servant, not the master of the public. And please get some counseling before you hurt someone who doesn’t lick your boots quickly enough.

  • Michael Rothbaum

    Ok I’ll be “That Guy” By any chance did any of you people see CNN’s (not FOX) actual interview with Officer Dutta? Obviously not because if you had you would have HEARD what he was trying to say in his article, which, unlike the brainiack who penned this article I acidently came accross (btw you owe me 90 seconds of my life back for the time I wasted reading it) could possibly have done. In the interview Mr. Dutta acuratly explains certain do’s & don’ts when being stopped by police. He explains very clearly that you have the right to know why you’ve been stoppped. He explained you have the right to refuse to have your vehicle searched without probable cause. He made it very clear you may & for all parties concerned ask “Am I free to leave?”, or “Am I being detained”. He points out if it the latter it is best to comply with his orders even if you don’t agree with why and it is only then that he states what has become so inflamatory to people. The “If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me,”

    • Marty Green

      Actually, dumbass, I read his entire article in the Post. If he didnt’ want to come off as a jackass, he should not have penned the article. And, by the way, fuck you, too!

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