Obama’s Folly

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For those of you missed it, over the weekend a deal of sorts was struck between Congressional Republicans and President Barack Obama. The deal will allow President Obama’s request to raise the debt ceiling so that America can continue to pay it’s giant bills (I knew Netflix raising their prices was total bullshit, and now we have proof!). Americans everywhere should rejoice that our system worked, a compromise was reached, and business as usual can keep right on happening.

President Obama seems more worried about pleasing these guys than the people who put in in office.

I have another idea though. Instead of taking to the streets for a ticker-tape parade in honor of the GOP and Obama finding harmony together, every single of one of us who isn’t a huge money-machine corporation or ridiculously independently wealthy should be fucking livid. The compromise that was reached is really no compromise at all. What ended up happening is the GOP was handed entrance into the budget to slash all kinds of entitlement and social programs, while not raising taxes at all.

Forget raising taxes for a minute. I know that the GOP message of “Taxes Equals Satan’s Piss In Your Eyes” has permeated the rank and file American so much that it sours our stomachs to think of paying once cent more. So let’s instead focus on just getting those who profit tremendously to even pay taxes at all.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that giant oil company just waiting to sexually assault Mother Earth again would have to actually pay taxes on the crazy-big sums of cash it’s currently raking in at our pumps? Closing corporate tax loopholes would go a long way towards remedying what ails the U.S. and even world economy. Senator Barrack Obama knew this, and he campaigned for President on it.

Remember all that talk of change in Washington, D.C. and in the Oval Office? Do you remember how we were all told that Obama was not afraid to work in a bipartisan atmosphere, but that he’d always stand up for his convictions when the time called for it? Well, either Obama is just another politician in a Radical Thinker’s clothing,  or he’s just completely and totally gutless. Why any sitting Democratic president would bow to the pressures of the corporately financed Republican party is beyond my capacity to understand.

I’m all for peaceful and harmonious reconciliations of important issues. The best way to lead is with your eyes on the road, steering for all Americans, not just one sect. However, in this new deal that Obama has struck with Mitch McConnell and John Boehner’s cohorts, Obama has sold out those he swore to protect: The Middle Class.




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