It’s Not His Cash We Fear, It’s His Motivations

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“Mitt Romney is one rich motherfucker.”

That is pretty much the summation of a lot of what is being said about the presumptive GOP candidate for President. The idea of course is that because the Romneys are so filthy, stinking rich they are evil, heartless bastards and should be cast to the wolves, rather than be elected as the next Commander In Chief. At least that’s what the Right Wingers of this beloved nation of ours would have you think the Progressives are saying when the point out just how much goddamned money the Romneys have.

Mitt Romney celebrates another bank accounting amassing a bazillion dollars, and his awesome new mustache.

But hold on for a second. That’s not what makes us all so nervous about Romney. If being rich were a reason for immediate disqualification from public office, there’d be quite a few politicians out on their collective asses. But the Right wants you to think that the Left’s “Class War” is being waged on any person who has a lot of money. That’s how they brainwash mouth-breathing members of the middle-class to vote against their own interests by keeping Republicans in power.

The fact is that we don’t trust Romney because he wreaks of everything that has completely raped the middle class in this country. He stands for the very powers whose infiltration, subversion and corruption of Wall Street, the big banks and even the lobbying system in Washington, D.C. that caused the very global economic crises that Romney and the GOP are trying to pin on President Obama.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if he’s rich. He’s a fucking douchebag.

As much as the Right wants to bellyache that Obama has dragged this country into the horrible scourge of Socialism, it’s just not true. Even his flagship achievement, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare as it’s so lovingly known now) is basically the same plan that Republicans put forward in the mid 1990s. But now, because a (black?) Democrat proposed it, they think it’s total and complete bullshit.

They certainly are subject matter experts in bullshit, so maybe they should be trusted.

We fear Romney as President because all it would do would push us back another four years economically. The erosion of FDR-era regulations that pulled this country out of the Great Depression is what led to the current clusterfucked economic situation. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And now the GOP is positing a candidate that represents everything wrong with that economic model.

Mitt Romney is not a man who became rich by inventing a cure for a terrible disease and reaping the honest benefits that healing the world’s sick rightfully brings. He didn’t make his millions by starting a little hardware store that through hard work and determination grew into a big box retail giant. He amassed his fortunes through private equity manipulation of the system.

I’m not an economist, so here’s one explaining just how dirty Romney played to get rich, and it’ll only take you a couple minutes to watch:

Okay, so now we all see how any claims Mitt may make about getting rich through hard work is basically total bullshit. It’s not just the fact that he used Private Equity to amass his fortunes. It’s not just that he looks like every douchebag banker and Wall Street asshole telling us to trust in the free market and the Almighty Lord They Capitalism: it’s the sycophantic way that Romney and the other members of the GOP elite talk about money and being rich that turns off.

For a bunch of people who are supposedly mostly guided by the principles of broke-ass carpenter’s son who preached that it’s easier to kiss a chicken on the lips than for a rich man to get into Heaven (paraphrasing), they sure do love to suck and fuck currency, don’t they?

It’s that love of money that make Mitt seem like the robot he is. All he was ever programmed to do was to make money and talk about money. It shows in the numerous lies and obfuscations of Obama’s record that he tells. He genuinely has no opinions of his own, other than “Money=Good.” He’s like George W. Bush, except he also wears magic underwear and gets high on the smell of investment prospectuses.

Sadly, as much as Romney’s love of money repulses many of us, the GOP has poor people in Red States convinced that they need to vote for people who would then turn around and gut the very social programs they so beautifully and ironically depend on for sustenance. So it may end up being a closer race than it ought to be. This election of 2012, much like so many other recent elections, will depend heavily on turn out.

And that’s one aspect where the GOP has done us all a huge favor. In deciding that 2012 would also be the year that Republicans try to force women back into the kitchen where they belong (no word on the Alabama law that would force women to un-learn how to read and write as of the time of this publication), they’ve all but promised that women of all ages will head to the polls to send a clear message to the GOP.

“Stop worrying about my vagina and find me a job!”

Hopefully in about seven months we’ll have yet another landmark election herein a man who represents the best of what this nation offers is given the reins for four more years. Hopefully in that same election another mandate will be sent forth to all those in power, “Getting rich off our backs isn’t going to fly anymore.”

The fate of the Middle Class and the American Dream is all that’s at stake here, folks. No fucking pressure.



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