Hey White Conservatives, Maybe You Should Just Shut Up Now?

For the life of me, I’ll never be able to figure out why white, American conservatives feel it’s in their job descriptions to declare racism over in America.

Sean Hannity is a royal dick, isn’t he? It’s hard for me to imagine anyone taking President Obama’s surprise speech at a press conference in July about Trayvon Martin and spinning them into some kind of political agenda, but then again Hannity and Rush Limbaugh make millions of dollars every year doing just that. In case you missed it, our first black president made some very beautiful, blunt and frankly healing remarks about the death and trial of Trayvon Martin — a case that has reopened the wounds of racial divide — on Friday. More importantly though, he spoke to race in America with a calm and frankly artistic way that of course fell on deaf ears over in the conservative ignorance feedback loop.

Obama had said before that Martin could have been his son, but last week he brought it even closer to home, saying that Martin could have been the president himself, 35 years ago. He drew a direct line from Trayvon Martin to himself, which of course is something that human herpe sore Sean Hannity just couldn’t wait to pounce on. He must get a bonus from Faux News every time he paints himself in an ever more racist light.

Hannity said on his radio show that “the president’s saying Trayvon could’ve been me 35 years ago…Is that the president admitting that I guess because what, he was part of the Choom Gang and he smoked pot and he did a little blow — I’m not sure how to interpret because we know that Trayvon had been smoking pot that night.” Racist, insensitive, or a little of both? I can’t quite decide. Hannity knows full-well what Obama meant, it’s just that Hannity’s a white, American conservative and therefore he has anointed himself as the arbiter all racial issues in America today.

For some reason white, conservative American males think it’s morally reprehensible to discuss whether race still plays a major role in the difficulties people of color in this country face. They call it “race baiting.” You know, “rilin’ up the Negroes to get them all angry about somethin’.” Racism, the stealthy little bastard, has taken the form of single-minded, flat-out denial of its own existence. The extreme right-wing has found a way to perpetuate institutionalized racism by downplaying it altogether. After all, you don’t need to fix something that isn’t broken, and since racism has already been cured, there’s no need to have laws on the books that make discrimination illegal. There are even sects of conservative history revisionists that insist slavery was on the way out already, didn’t really play that big a part in our country’s history, and that Lincoln was just a tyrannical big government prick who didn’t care about freeing the slaves; he just wanted to crush the insurrection.

No one is more nauseating than the white, American conservatives peddling their bullshit about racism’s epic decline in America.

It’s “race baiting” apparently to just simply acknowledge your country’s blatant and naked aggression towards “others” throughout its history. Whether it’s black people, Chinese people, Irish people, Mexican people, gay people or even vagina people, “others” are who Republicans most want to stymie — who they most want to stifle. I think I’ve reached a tipping point with it though. I can’t hear another sociopathic, racist douchebag in a suit sit on Fox News and call President Obama a terrible human being for daring to be black and speaking about a subject that impacts every black person in this country.

Here’s the thing white, American conservatives: shut the fuck up.

That is of course unless you’re going to join the rest of the world and acknowledge that race is still a huge issue in this country and that you finally understand how stupid, arrogant, ignorant, insensitive and inane it is for you — the white, conservative American male — to make any assumptions about how race and racism effects people of color in this country to this very day. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

Let me repeat — shut the fuck up.

Before things spin off the track too far, allow a moment of clarification. I’m a lefty if there ever was one. Want to burn a flag? Go ahead. Want to spit intolerant hate speech out of the corners of your mouth while you tell us all that unless we go back to Old Testament laws we’re all doomed? Feel free. No one loves it more when a racist piece of shit reveals themselves to be a racist piece of shit than me, because I hate having to guess. What I’m saying here is that you’re doing yourselves no favors because no one and I mean no one feels bad for you. More importantly though — you’re the problem. You’re the reason that African-Americans are still systematically discriminated against to this very day.

I don’t know if anyone’s clued you in, but white guys have pretty much always had it the best in this country and despite what Rush, Hannity and Glenn Beck are telling you — we still do. Do you get looked at like a criminal when you walk into a store? Or are you told from before you’re even sexually aware that what you find attractive is “gross” or worse, a sin worthy of rotting in Hell for? No. Of course not. All of these things do happen to people of color and members of the LGBT community though, so stick that in your perspective pipe and smoke it.

You don’t belong to a group that was still an enslaved race all of a hundred and fifty years ago. You are not picked on. You are not forgotten. You call all the shots and will for the rest of your life. So how about you just slide your ass over on the bench a few inches and let the rest of society play? When you whine and complain about not getting a “white history month” to go with February being dedicated to black history month, you can dry your crocodile tears on every goddamned history book ever written. White history is pretty much the only history taught in this country until you get to the higher levels of education.

Look — I’m not stupid. I see a distinct lack of lynching and slave auctions being held in this country nowadays, but if that’s your only bellwether of racial progress — extrajudicial murders and slavery abolished — then you really have no idea what racism in America is all about.

Racism in America isn’t Jim Crow-style segregated diner counters and drinking fountains — it’s disproportionate numbers of black people being arrested for drug violations. Racism in America is in all the bogus studies on immigration that the right-wing does that show immigrants take more welfare and suck more away from the country’s GDP than they put into it. Racism in America is just more subtle, and yes that is indeed progress. Progress however, isn’t the goal. Fixing the problem in the first place is the goal.

I know that it’s hard for you — the white, conservative American male — to grasp this concept, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. Just because we tell you that you can’t write laws that force the poor and minority communities to jump through insane hoops to vote that doesn’t mean “THEY” are trying to take over. The bottom line is one that’s so simple it’s hard to believe you haven’t grasped it yet. You don’t get to declare racism “over” in America just because you don’t have any idea what it’s like to be a person of color in America — you just get to roll up your sleeves and help us make it better.

Or you know, there’s always shutting the fuck up, like we talked about before. There’s always that option, too.





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  • scooter

    Can’t we just tell black people to shut the fuck up about baby tray tray?

    • No.

    • I’m a middle aged white guy continuing to talk about the institutional racism that killed Trayvon Martin and the institution that acquitted his murderer, scooter.
      And no, bigot, I’m not going to shut up about Trayvon Martin.

      • scooter

        Thats right blame racism for everything because if you do that you can take the blame off of yourself or your culture.

    • Strsimir

      Scooter, pay attention: Shut Up!

    • Hey Scooter judgement is coming soon, and when GZ get his reward from God. For Murdering Trayvon Martin. What will say them=n?

      • scooter

        WOW! He murdered him? that must be why the jury convicted him of murder.

    • Greg

      Sure … go ahead.
      Why don’t you go first?

      Would you like to start in Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, or South Central LA ?
      We can just drop you off … you do the “telling black people” thing … and we’ll come pick up your body later.

      • scooter

        So black people are so violent that I should avoid expressing my political views in front of them because they might murder me if they disagree with them? I guess we found out who the real racist is.

    • No, but we can tell YOU to shut up. Racist swine.

      • scooter

        How am I racist?

  • I am beyond weary of the gun peacocks who believe that because they are armed we should respect them, or treat them as patriots, or listen to them. Zimmerman was a coward who usurped the rights of an unarmed man. F**k him and his ilk.

    • Very well said.

    • scooter

      I’ve heard people refer to themselves as patriots but I can’t recall ever hearing one demand that they be called patriots or that they deserve more respect because they carry guns.

      At least you called trayvon martin a man and not a poor innocent babby.

      • hey scooter shut the fuck up you trolling little brat grow up or better yet just go crawl back under that slime pile you came from and I repeat shut the fuck up

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  • Mike B.

    I have to say I love this article and better yet, the tone in which it was written. I have had this same conversation with others and don’t expect me to apologize, being a black male, that I see RACISM. I’m sensitive and at times very angry that I have to continue to have this conversation with the most powerful group in America, White conservative males.

  • profit

    I think his use of the “F word” was totally appropriate! In fact, maybe he didn’t use it enough! Haven’t we grown up enough as a society to realize that words are just words and stop being offended by simple words such as “fuck?” I say, “Good for the original poster for using the language he did!” Grow up, Frederick Rogers!

  • James Wallhauser

    The funniest thing about Hannity is that he thinks most whites in this country include him in their rants. So here’s my message to Mr. Hannity: Listen up, Greenblood — you’re Irish Catholic. To a lot of white Americans that puts you one step sideways from a Jew and where I come from, you’re not even fit to wipe the tables at our country club. Millions of dollars might buy you proximity but it will never, ever get you into the club, so you and the rest of the Mackerel Snappers keep your rose-colored glasses on. You think this is just an issue about race? Joke’s on you Papist face.

    • hey I’m Irish Catholic or should say ex catholic but we swing from trees drink beer and love are potatoes oh and love to fight starting with kicking your pompous ass quit bringing race into it that makes you no better than Hannity

  • Sean Hannity never went past high school, never served in the military, and had never worked in government. These things are, evidently, considered to be part of a great resume’ at Faux Noise.

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