WT-FLA?! Burning Holy Books? Really?

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I’ve been holding off on commenting directly on this event for a couple days. Then today I tweeted a joke that was supposed to imply that Hitler would be totally okay with Terry Jones’ plan to burn the Islamic holy book at his church in Florida. Apparently either the Hash-Tag wasn’t clear enough, or maybe people think I’d really be in support of this atrocity because it was apparent from the first couple of responses I got on Facebook that I was completely misunderstood.

Why do facists always love to sport stupid fucking mustaches?

For the record: I think it’s absolutely terrifying that in this country anyone would suggest burning a religion’s holy book en masse. I know it’s the biggest cliche to invoke the name of Adolf Hitler in argument these days, especially on the Internet, but who the fuck in their right mind would suggest something like this? Black and white video and still images of the Third Reich burning Bibles are all over the place.

For once, Nazi comparisons aren't hyperbole.

I’m a big proponent of the First Ammendment. I think the freedom of speech and religion is what puts this country far ahead of many others. The fact that it was founded on these principles, and that they were the first inalienable rights gifted to us by the Founding Fathers means to me that the tennants that this country’s building blocks were placed are those of personal freedom.

That same First Ammendment gurantees Jones and his “flock” the right to carry out their plans of course. So if they choose to do so, it’s completely within their rights as American Citizens to do so, and in that I have to support it. It pains me, but that is the reality of being a staunch advocate for Freedom of Speech and Religion; sometimes you have to support the morons.

That being said, obviously I do not now, nor will I ever support the message that this kind of intolerance preaches. It’s religious persecution, plain and simple. There is an alarming undercurrent of people in this country who truly see “The War on Terror” as being a “War on Islam.” The irony of this is as bitter a tree full of lemons.

Stopping a mosque from being built, burning Qurans, and then what? Do we forbid Islamic from gathering in groups? Do we prevent them altoether from entering the country? A gathering storm of a religious war is on our doorsteps if those of us that have the clarity of vision and perspective don’t stand up right fucking now and put our feet down in unison.

What strikes me as tragic about all of this is that none of these anti-Islamic movements have the vision to see that this kind of knee-jerk reaction is exactly what Al-Qaeda wanted to touch-off when they flew those planes into buildings almost 9 years ago. They want us to become an anti-Islamic country so they can paint their targets larger.

I think Patton Oswalt said it best when he tweeted this last night (and I might be paraphrasing here, so forgive me Patton):

“Settle down Twitter, those people in FLA who want to burn Qurans on 9/11 just want to make sure we celebrate another one next year.”

So there’s my serious post for the week. Back to photoshopping stuff and making up bullshit stories. Hopefully this issue dies, the morons in Florida wake up and there’s no more need for further commentary from my dumb ass.

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