Donald Trump Threatens to Sue ‘Any American’ That Doesn’t Vote for Him

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — Donald J. Trump is going to sue you if you don’t vote for him.

At least that’s what the billionaire real estate mogul and former reality-TV star told reporters this week at a press conference held at Trump Towers in New York City. Mr. Trump said that he and his “bestest lawyers” confirm that he can in fact sue anyone who voted for him, regardless of laws concerning privacy and voting. “Laws can be gotten around,” Trump said to reporters, adding, “I’ll find a way. I’m a yooge winner. Yooge winners make things happen, no matter what so-called laws or rules say.”

“I will hire people to follow you into the booth and watch you vote to make sure nothing illegal happens,” Trump told the media.  “If you don’t vote for me,” he said,  “you’ll be hearing from my lawyers.” Trump said that he’s “pretty much somewhat about 85 to 95 percent sure” that what he’s proposing is “legal as long as you change what the word legal means to ‘anything Donald fuckin’ Trump does'” and that he’ll “grease any palm” he has to “like a yooge winner” would do.

Trump also announced that as part of this plan, Muslim Americans and Mexican Americans would be “doubly sued” for not voting for him. “Some might ask me how I could expect anyone of Mexican descent, or who practices the Islamic faith could vote for me,” Trump bellowed, “but when a candidate is so perfectly suited for the friggin’ job like I am, what kind of fuck-face doesn’t vote for that candidate? A Muslim or Mexican fuck-face, I’d presume. So we sue them extra hard, of course.”

“Also, women who won’t let me schlong them will also get sued if they don’t vote for me triply hard,” Trump said, saying that he’d “invent new ways to sue people” if they didn’t vote for him and that “only a yooge friggin’ idiot wouldn’t vote for a winner” like himself. “They don’t just let anyone file for bankruptcy at least four times in their lives,” he said, “only the really, truly special ones get that many chances to run businesses into the ground. That’s the kind of leadership you need, by the way, the kind I can give. And I will be the best at taking our government through bankruptcy proceedings.”

What if he doesn’t win, he was asked. “If I don’t win, then I will sue every single American as part of a class action lawsuit,” Trump said, “I’m the class, obviously, and you all will be the defendants.”

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