Darrell Issa Must Go

Rep. Darrell is equal parts attack dog and Joe McCarthy. In his tenure as Chairman of the House Oversight committee has held hundreds of hearings on several different “scandals” that all have wound up being nothing but political theater. At the expense of the taxpayers that his party purports to be so protective of, he’s damaged the discourse in this country by feeding nothing but half-truths, lies and propaganda into the right-wing mainstream media, keeping the consumers of such bilge chock-full of misinformation, all aimed at damaging President Barack Obama’s reputation.

Issa has been the tool with which Republicans carve out their alternate history. You know, the same way that Hillary Clinton was a secret lesbian who conspired to kill Vince Foster? Or the way Bill Clinton was a secret communist who conspired to kill Vince Foster? They operate in a world over there on the right where facts and truth are whitewashed…literally…with a heavy coat of propaganda and spin. They still blather on and on about “Fast & Furious” and that scandal was completely debunked over a year ago thanks to some amazing investigative journalism over at Forbes. They still harp about Benghazi. The reason it seems like conservatives are zombies, ignorant to the full details of the story, is because they are kept ignorant deliberately.

Issa’s M.O. has been to throw everything and anything against the wall and hoping that something sticks. This is a brilliant distraction tactic for him to use because his party’s base will be so ravenously eating up the red meat at all the hearings that they’ll miss the fact that we added nearly 200,000 jobs last month, for instance. How can you see the country’s progress when your head is buried in scandal after scandal? You can’t.

The thing is that if Issa’s investigations had turned up anything that hadn’t been debunked, we’d be singing a different song about Issa. The IRS “scandal” is the closest thing he and his goons have come to a real barn-burner. Except that as more and more transcripts with IRS officials are released, and as journalists do their jobs and find other people who were scrutinized, even the IRS Tea Party Targeting story has not completely gone up in smoke. The New York Times ran a story today that will be devastating for Issa’s continued dogged harassment of the Obama Administration in terms of the IRS scandal. As the story points out, there were fare more groups than  just those aligned with the Tea Party who got the scrutiny.

The truth, as we’re coming to know, is what many of us have suspected all along. The Citizens United ruling opened the floodgates for tax exempt status and in an effort to do their jobs and track down people who were falsely claiming they were social service programs and not political organizations, a disastrous, sweeping approach was used — a sort of dragnet style where you collect as many potential rule breakers as possible and start screening them out. The Times story specifically reports on a group that was sympathetic to the Palestinian cause getting extra scrutiny. It also spoke to the fact that the most harshly investigated and treated groups were among those whose “cause” was open source software engineering. Apparently wanting to give away free software you designed makes you a tax cheat…I’m still not quite sure how that one works.

Regardless of whether open source coders deserved the scrutiny or not, this story is now one more damning piece of evidence against Darrell Issa’s very presence in Congress. The man is rich beyond anyone’s dreams. He’s also got a reputation for being pretty shady as he was building his car alarm empire that made him so rich in the first place. Issa is the worst example of what we’ve allowed our elected officials to become. He’s just a rich asshole playing with our money at the behest of his party’s power structure. How many hearings does Issa get to hold, how much money does he get to set afire (he’s allegedly got some practice burning stuff) in his idiotic quests to dismantle the Obama Administration? He doesn’t serve the people at all. He serves his and his party’s own selfish, political career motivations.

As the layers of bullshit that Issa painted over the IRS scandal are peeled back, we’re seeing outrage from the left, and justifiably so, for the way the narrative was spun to the American people. I mean, no matter what Fox News viewers were never and will never hear the truth. They’ll never hear that the whole reason it sounded like the Tea Party was the only grouped scrutinized was that he only told the Inspector General to look into the Tea Party targeting. As the Times piece says, the very same questions that conservatives find so disgusting and intrusive were sent to pro-Palestinian groups and the open source designers. There is literally no truth to the story that Issa wanted the country to believe, that he got his fellow jackass sociopath Republican congressmen to go along with, that Washington, D.C. liberal politicians and operatives got the IRS to lay the wood on Tea Party groups.

When the investigation itself is political theater, it’s proof that Issa is not serious about anything. He’s a clown. A farce. A worthless hunk of meat and bones in an expensive suit.

I’m not saying there aren’t rat bastards like Darrell Issa on both sides of the aisle. I’m just saying that in the House, Issa is the cream of the crop — if your crop is “slimy assholes.” Clearly there is nothing that Issa is going to do for his country in the position he’s in. Clearly Issa is a fraud on every single level. He’s likely a fraud as a businessman, and he’s goddamned sure a fraud as a congressman. Issa’s insistence on meting out information on the IRS scandal should be the final straw in his national political career. It has become unmistakably evident that Issa deliberately tried to control the narrative of the IRS scandal to keep the country talking about his crusade rather than focusing on the Republicans’ budget hypocrisy (Remember how they wouldn’t shut up about the Democratic Senate not passing a budget for four years? They’ve been sitting on the Senate’s budget for a hundred days already), or their disgusting march towards the Dark Ages in their recently passed anti-abortion bill — which will die on the Senate floor and would never be signed by President Obama in the first place.

Issa is poisoning this country’s legislative process. Nothing is getting done in the House that doesn’t involve women’s genitalia because he’s got every committee and subcommittee combing over bullshit, non-scandals. It’s so nakedly apparent what the GOP is doing. They’re running scared and know that they are in the middle of a fight for control of their own party with the most extremist wing among them. That’s why all their laws are starting to come from further and further into the Dark Ages. They have become the sociopath party. Conservative political ideology has essentially become, “Fuck the poor, fuck the minorities, fuck the immigrants and fuck the youth.” While everyone was talking about  the IRS scandal or the NSA leaks, the House once again blocked the closure of Guantanamo and allowed interest rates on student loans to double. They are literally the part of “we don’t care about you,” and Issa is their grand inquistor.

It’s time. It’s time for Issa to go.




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