Daily American Greatness Tracker – Day 3

American flag blowing, close-up

When President Donald Trump told the country during his historic run to the White House that he’d “Make America Great Again,” many of his critics wondered aloud just what that meant, and how he’d do it. As it turns out, since being sworn-in last week, we’ve observed a natural restoration of America’s greatness quotient, just by the sheer fact that a Republican is in office. Coupled with Trump’s innate winningness, which is of course a very well-documented and real alternative biological trait, and we have witnessed one of the single greatest turnarounds in American history.

The Political Garbage Chute is committed to tracking America’s greatness every day that Donald Trump is in office. The best way to get a clear perspective on just how great we are as a nation, is to track it using our daily AGT, or America’s Greatness Tracker.

Today, we see that the country took an unexpected dip in greatness. The Trump White House has announced via Twitter that this dip was due to “libtards and women protesting for no reason at all” over the weekend. The administration expects the AGT to show another modest uptick in the next couple of days.

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