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Loathing and Fear – The Journey of a Modern Political Atheist

September 23, 2012 0

Of course, things haven’t gone completely as planned. While the corpse of Bin Laden has undoubtedly been digested and crapped out by various aquatic species thanks to his issued “no capture order” and the resolute bravery of our Navy Seals, two very pro-gun laws signed into being (I am a staunch Second Amendment advocate), repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and the passing of the Affordable Care Act, we are still sitting on a non-balanced budget. The Patriot Act was reauthorized, spawning forth the reprehensible NDAA for fiscal year 2012, and the same financial institutions which were offered our hard earned tax money as a monetary “get out of jail free” card are still receiving tax breaks of monumental proportions. And like a whiny little kid who didn’t get everything he wanted for Christmas, I was pissed! […]

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