It Sucks to be An American Sometimes

October 4, 2010 2

The United States Supreme Court will hear a case today that could determine if the brain-trust over at the Westboro Baptist Church (the mouth-breathers responsible for perhaps the most wretched phrase in human history “God […]


My Pledge to America

September 24, 2010 0

House Republicans have unveiled their new plan to help America out the quagmire that it’s in now. Inspired by this ceremonial showing of platitudes and hyperbole, I’ve decided to make my own pledge to America. […]


The Night I Committed Adultery

September 17, 2010 2

I feel I must warn my close friends and family. What I’m about to divulge may be shocking, and may very well shake the foundation of your relationship with me. But I cannot go on […]


An Open Letter to The Qurans In Florida

September 9, 2010 0

Dear Islamic Holy Text, I’m very very very very very very very very very very very very sorry that human evolution hasn’t made it impossible for you to be hurt like you are going to be, as it would appear you […]


An Open Letter To: Glenn Beck

August 31, 2010 5

Dear Mr. Beck, You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Your answer to what ails this country is to get on your knees in front of your children and pray to God? Do you not […]


Why I Blame Myself For The Iraq-War

August 25, 2010 0

To be clear, I’m not saying I directly gave any orders for troops to enter Iraq. That was George W. Bush, under the guise of there being weapons of mass destruction. We’ve established that. But […]


Economic Downturn Even Hits Satan

August 21, 2010 0

News out of Hell is that the decline in the global economy and the breakdown of the sub-prime lending market has lead to Beelzebub downsizing his Souls-for-Favors program. Representatives for the Ultimate Evil Power in […]


An Open Letter to Dr. Laura

August 19, 2010 6

Dear Dr. Laura, What the fuck took you so long?! Thanks for “Doing the Right Thing”…about 15 years too late. Don’t let the door hit you, you sanctimonious cow. Regards, Anyone who has any kind […]

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