5 Things We Can Assume About Republicans Who Vote For Romney

“…in order for real, genuine Republicans to vote for Romney, something has to be off. They have to swallow their ideals, hold their nose, and hope that Romney plays ball so that Ryan and the NeoCon cabinet that a President Romney would most certainly install can get to work turning us into the model of Austerity for the New World. I can actually hear the erection forming in Paul Ryan’s pants over that prospect, can’t you?”

5 Possible Upsides of A Romney/Ryan Victory

I of course am openly rooting for an Obama victory. I happen to think he’s easily deserving of a second term. However, being the eternal optimist that I am, I’ve been trying to figure out if there are any upsides to a President Mitt Romney reality. And I think I’ve got give upsides here that we should all be very thankful for, should Romney win in a few days.

5 Things (Binders and Rose Gardens Excluded) You Might Have Missed From Debate #2

This country has to decide at some point to stop ignoring climate science, and I believe that time is now. More and more people are starting to come around to the conclusions that are essentially unavoidable. If Romney doesn’t think he looks like a Luddite, foolishly clinging to “Drill, baby, drill” and “clean coal, FTW” he’s sorely mistaken. Climate science may not be a determining factor in this year’s election, but in years to come, the GOP had better shape up, or just like gender equality and immigration policy, they’ll be leading from behind. Again.

5 Things Paul Ryan DID Win in Kentucky

Over in Republicastan, they’re telling their devoted flock that Vice-President Biden was a big, mean ol’ bully and that Paul Ryan won on “substance.” I think I might have actually figured out what “substance” means to the Republicans. And Joe Biden described it perfectly as “malarkey.” But as it turns out, I think Paul Ryan did actually win a few things last night. And here are five of them for you now.

5 Things Mitt Romney Can Do To Win The Debates

But all is not truly lost in Romney Land. It is still September for three days, and those all-important debates are still on the schedule. So I started thinking, “What would Mitt have to do in the debates to win them?” After all, with the country starting to doubt his financial prowess (calling half of us moochers certainly helped speed that process up), he’s going to need a bit of a miracle to come out very decisively on top. So with that in mind, here are five things I think Mitt Romney can do to win the debates.

10 New Campaign Slogans For Romney-Ryan 2012

With so few days left before the November Presidential Election, I decided to once again give the Romney-Ryan campaign a little boost. Last time we did bumper stickers; this time we’re going with new and more effective campaign slogans. If Romney hopes to win, he’ll consider one of my suggestions.

4 Great Reasons To Vote for Romney-Ryan In November

Are you a concerned Progressive after hearing that Willard Romney has chosen Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential nominee? Don’t be! As it turns out there are so many wonderful reasons we all should get behind Romney-Ryan 2012! Here are the four best of those reasons.