An Open Letter to Rational NRA Members

Dear Rational NRA Members,

Okay everyone. It’s time to have a little meeting of the minds. I know there have to be at least a couple million of you NRA members that are actually quite sane and rational. I would venture to guess that there are probably at least a couple million of you that are shocked and appalled by the depths to which the National Rifle Association has sunk to keep this country from even discussing better gun control laws, let alone actually implementing them. If my calculation is right, and if indeed there are a couple million of you who feel this way, then the time has come for you to stop being played for suckers by the NRA’s executive board, particularly that foamy-mouthed gun sycophant Wayne LaPierre. If the way he’s behaved in the wake of Sandy Hook didn’t make you turn in your memberships, perhaps seeing his absolutely devastating hypocrisy put on full-display will elicit that reaction from you.

Earlier this year, the Manchin-Toomey Amendment was killed in the Senate as a bill that had 92% support in the country went down in flames thanks to lobbying pressure from the NRA. That pressure was applied by way of straight-up lying about the intent to create a Federal National Gun Registry. Senator Ted Cruz and others were popping up on TV everywhere, stoking fear in their more simple-minded and ignorant constituents that the bill would simply pave the way to a list of every gun owner in the country, which could then just be used to go door-to-door and take everyone’s guns.

NRA_GUN_REGISTRYLies, they are all lies because the bill specifically outlawed retaining any information from a background check when completed before purchasing a firearm. Now, not only do we know the NRA was lying, they were being monumental hypocrites. Without the consent of gun owners, the NRA has amassed the exact same kind of secret roster of gun owners that they railed against the government for having. Let me reiterate — without consent of the gun owners in question, the National Rifle Association has created a gun registry.

Turn in your memberships, now, rational NRA members. You have been played for a fool over and over again, but now this has to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, doesn’t it? Just think about it. Even if you’re about to make an argument about the difference between the private sector and the government having a list of gun owners, you should stop now and save your breath. Do you really think the government couldn’t subpoena that list? In fact, given what we know about the extensive reach of the NSA, how sure are you that they don’t already have the same list on their servers somewhere else?

They have a gun registry. They have a gun registry. THEY HAVE A GUN REGISTRY. 

This should infuriate everyone in the NRA, but I know that there are some who will deny that this story means anything. I know that there are some who claim it’s a government conspiracy. I know there are some who will somehow find a way to blame Barack Obama and the sinister liberal agenda for this. They are all idiots, and I am not speaking to them. I’m trying to reach out to those of you who can identify bullshit when you see it. George H.W. Bush turned in his NRA lifetime membership when LaPierre called federal agents “jack-booted thugs.” Take a lead from that man (and holy shit that is the only time you’ll ever see me recommend following in that man’s footsteps) and do the same.

We’re counting on you. The rest of us in this country are counting on you to change the culture of the NRA from the inside. You can either do that by flooding LaPierre’s voicemail with angry or heartfelt message of shock, disappointment and outrage. Or you can just quit. If enough of you quit the message will be loud and clear. Cut their lying, hypocritical feet out from beneath them. Neuter their political power further, and make them pay for treating you like an idiot.

That’s ultimately what you’re going to have to grapple with. The NRA didn’t make the rest of us look like idiots — we never belonged to their organization and we knew full-well the national gun registry canard was just a lie, and perhaps you did too. But for whatever reason, Rational NRA Member, you have stuck by this organization. You’ve stuck by while they lobbied hard for Stand Your Ground laws that essentially make the new paradigm in self-defense, “He who shoots best wins.” You stood by them when they tanked a bill that over 90% of us agreed upon needing in the first place. At some point if you don’t take a stand for your right not to be used as a pawn, you become tacitly permissive with their shenanigans and you too lose all credibility.

The gun registry exists now. The only change in the narrative is that it’s the so-called Second Amendment crusaders who have it. It’s up to you, Rational NRA Member, just how much outrage you want to feel over being played like a cheap fiddle. It’s up to you to figure out just how much your dignity and self-respect is worth. I can’t — and no one else can — be outraged for you.  We’ll be here for you when you need us, proud of your decision to stand up for your own morality, regardless of what some rich, gun industry paid whore wants you to believe. It’s time to take your movement back, gun owners.




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  • I read that it is not just NRA members membership roster, it also includes non members who have purchased guns or ammo. Their names and personal info has been aquired, turned over to the NRA, and they use that personal information. Now don’t get me wrong, but if I buy my own personal weapon, and I choose not to be an NRA member, what right do they have to aquire my name address etc?

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