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NRA Calls For ‘Disingenuous, Half-Hearted Attempt to Pluck Low Hanging Gun Control Fruit’ It Will Ultimately Oppose

Wayne LaPierre tells the media he and the NRA are on board with the minimal effort to curb mass shootings, but only for a short time.

After President’s Gun Control Speech, Confused Conservative Hands Guns Over to Obama

One man hands Obama his guns after misunderstanding the president's executive orders on gun measures.

Libertarian: 355 Mass Shootings in Less Than a Year ‘Too Soon’ to Talk About Gun Control

How many mass shootings is mass shootings to talk about mass shootings? One libertarian says he'll let us know.

We Put a Gun To These 5 People’s Heads and Asked Them About Gun Control

Five people weigh in on gun control while personally interacting with a gun.

Nation’s Guns Afraid They’re Getting a Bad Reputation from Trigger-Happy Cops

A recent poll has shown that 87% of the guns surveyed in the United States are afraid that their association with trigger happy police...

Ted Cruz Offers to Lube Up and F_ _k a Gun to Show How Safe They Are

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- So far in 2019, CBS News reports that there have been more mass shootings than days on the calendar. One such...

Local Gun Rights Activist: Mass Shootings ‘Aren’t That Big a Deal Because Everyone Dies’

One young libertarian gun rights activist explains why mass shootings aren't so bad -- because "mortality."

NRA Backs Law Allowing Gun Sales After Shop Is Closed

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- The National Rifle Association has come out in favor of new legislation which would allow for the sale of firearms after...

House Republican Explains Why Mocking And Attacking Survivors Of Gun Massacres Is Good For America

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This weekend, massive marches were held in the nation's capital and around the world in support of gun violence prevention. The...

Trump’s Bone Spurs Refute President’s Claims He’d Run Into Mass Shooting With No Gun Of His Own

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This morning, President Donald Trump, during a meeting with the nation's governors, said that he would have probably charged headlong into...

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