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Tom Brady: Promise of Cold White House Hamberder Buffet Inspired Super Bowl XLIII Performance

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- With Super Bowl XLIII in the books, and his team once again world champions, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was...

White House Requests Celebratory McNugget Dipping Sauce Lists from Rams and Patriots

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Trump administration sent a letter addressed to both the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Cheatriots, ahead of Super...

New Mexico Trump Supporter Demands His State’s Name Be Changed to “New Freedom Land”

One man's fear of a Mexican immigrant invasion has him desperate to change the name of his new state.

Trump Supporter Joins Netflix Obama Boycott, Destroys Smart TV

HOBART, ARKANSAS -- Clem O'Connell told his podcast and YouTube audiences today that he was going to go to WalMart and buy a new...

Man Finishes Rant On Crooked Hillary and Moochelle Obama, Pivots To Defending Huckabee, Conway From Comedian’s Mean Words

HOBART, ARKANSAS -- Wearing his favorite "Fuck Your Feelings" Trump 2016 t-shirt, Clem O'Connell ripped into Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama during the first...

Sad Republican Realizes He Hasn’t Blamed Anything On Obama in 9 Months

"It was like the worst case of blue balls, Fam."

Man Who Got C’s In High School English Demands Immigrants ‘Speak American’ or Go Home

"What do they think gives them the right to speak whatever language they want?"

Trump: Meals on Wheels Cuts Will Cover Cost of Flying Pence Around Country Making a Show of Getting Offended by Constitution

Vice President Mike Pence will continue to fly around to NFL stadiums protesting protests of the national anthem during the national anthem.

Trump Supporter Recovering From Honeymoon Groin Injuries After Marrying AR-15

When Clem O'Connell married his darling AR-15, he thought he'd be in for a lifetime of happiness. But his honeymoon turned quickly disastrous.

Trumper Confused Where Paddock Got His Guns From Since Obama Took Them All

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had an arsenal at his disposal. But one right-wing podcaster thinks Barack Obama might be to be blame.

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