5 Types of Conservatives To Just Ignore

This site has opened me up to the world of conservatives in a way that I haven’t seen since I was immersed in that world in my very early adult years. I had voted for George W. Bush the first time (I apologize profusely therefore for The Iraq War and Bush Tax Cuts.), but then had watched his administration turn this country into a bumbling, slack-jawed joke around the world and thanks to this site, I’ve seen that strain of conservatism is indeed alive and very well…and it also happens to be tearing the GOP apart at the seams.

I’ve also learned something over the last couple years. Namely — that you are best to avoid any of the following five types of conservatives. In my experience these are the people that you could literally hand every study on climate science and they’d still deny climate change is happening. They aren’t worth engaging because you’ll never convince them and frankly, the shit that comes out of their mouth is so bone-chillingly stupid what would be the point? So just ignore these people. Trust me.



[/one_half]#5. The “Hitler Was a Leftist” Conservative

These are my favorite kinds of right-wing trolls to encounter on the message boards and comment sections. They’re very easy to spot because within three words of any comment about Obama they call him “your fuhrer” and then the histrionics start. These are the conservatives that said background check laws would lead us down the road to disarmament like Hitler did to his people. Now, you and I know that Hitler didn’t disarm his people, but we’re dealing with a class of conservative that truly does not care that their knowledge of history is just wholly and completely inaccurate.

Hitler was a right-winger if ever there was one. He believed in building his country’s military might as a means of plumping up the economy and rebuilding the social structure as well. He was a nationalist and more importantly everyone who was awake in 10th Grade European History class knows he was a right-wing fascist. Arguing with people who deny that fact is completely pointless because the only reason they’re re-writing history is to avoid comparisons between their ideologies and Hitler’s.

Speaking of history revisionism…

#4. The “Slavery Had Little Or Nothing To Do With the Civil War” Conservative

These history revisionists are even scummier than the ones trying to make every liberal look like Joseph Goebbels. Anyone who denies the importance and impact of slavery on this nation to this very day is just burying their head in the sand or an outright racist. The idea that’s been circulating in certain conservative and libertarian circles is that slavery wasn’t nearly as important as a cause of the Civil War as people say it was. Then they twist history even further to try and show Lincoln as a blood-thirsty tyrant who didn’t believe in States Rights.

Let’s make something crystal clear — when states started seceding from the Union, they named Lincoln’s election and therefore presumed death of slavery in the country as their primary and usually sole reason for leaving. Of course they wanted to protect their agrarian economy, but their agrarian economy was literally built on a foundation of racism. The labor being completely free was the most crucial element of the South’s economy, because of the obvious lack of overhead. Of course the Southerners leaving the Union did so over slavery, and it’s only those with the intent to preserve what systemic racism they can while it lasts that even attempt to re-write history in such an ignorant way.

#3. The “All Abortion is Murder of Little Innocent Babies” Conservative

Abortion is a subject that will never, ever go away in this country, at least not while there are some who are so ideologically-minded that they view any and all abortion as outright murder, punishable in a court of law. These people are about as apathetic and sociopathic as you can get because they are the folks that would have absolutely zero problem incarcerating a rape victim for aborting her rapists’ baby. It takes a disgusting and inhumane level of depravity to want to re-victimize a woman (or just as likely little girl) who was raped and impregnated — these are the people who deny the importance of the medical viability of the fetus because they know it makes the best case for why the mother’s life is of primary importance.

If they’re unwilling to meet you half-way on the importance of keeping the mother alive at all costs, and if they’re unwilling to at least have sympathy for a rape victim, they’re not worth discussing anything with because those are the people who live in a black and white world devoid of any nuance, which happens to be what every tough issue is made completely from — nuance. Sure, abortion’s a tough topic no matter what, but if you can’t go into it with at least a modicum of human compassion for someone other than the still-developing human fetus, you aren’t worth anyone’s time or energy.


[/one_third]#2. The “Rush Is Right” Conservative

Seriously. The first time someone says one of the following things in your discussion with them, slap them with whatever semi-pliant dildo you have readily available and walk way.

  • “I was listening to Rush and he said…”
  • “Rush said…”
  • “Rush Limbaugh isn’t a fat, dumb, misogynistic bully profiting on the illogical and irrational fears of a shrinking minority of fundamentalists who hate anyone who doesn’t look and think exactly like they do.”

Rush Limbaugh’s watch isn’t even right one time a day. Ditto-Heads are to be avoided at all costs. I guarantee you that at least 90% of his audience that identifies as “conservative” never expose themselves to even a whiff of an opposing viewpoint, so why bother debating them? If you want to the same experience as debating with a Ditto-Head, just go find any large box, fill it with rocks, put “The Bible, “Atlas Shrugged,” and a bottle of Oxycontin on top of it. Then scream your head off at the box. It’s the same exact thing as talking with a fan of Rush’s. I promise.

#1.  The “Racist Birther Dumbfuck” Conservative

This is the guy (or gal) to really avoid. All the others you might be able to skate in and out of a conversation with, especially if you get drunk, stoned, or hit yourself with a hammer in in the skull right before you engage with them. The Birthers on the other hand? Fuck them. Fuck them with an old rake, shovel, two sand buckets and a copy of “Casual Sex?,” the 1988 comedy that features Lea “Back to the Future” Thompson and if ironies never cease — current Tea Bagger/Birther Dumbfuck, Victoria Jackson. Honestly, there is no more vile person than the racist hack who genuinely believes Barack Hussein Obama is a Kenyan Socialist planted here by George Soros and the ghost of Saul Alinksy, because they hate the president not out of any ideological disputes, though there are certainly plenty of those.

They hate the president either because he’s black, a Democrat, or both. No, not every Republican is a racist, clearly not. But the virulent strain of Republicanism that buys into the birther bullshit? They are. Maybe they’re just pre-conditioned to not bristle at racist tripe from two and a half decades of being pumped full of dog-whistle racism by the likes of Limbaugh. Maybe then they’re just tacit racists, and with a little help they can be rehabilitated, but let’s be honest here. Anyone who truly, deep-down at the bottom of their heart believes this crazy stuff just simply isn’t worth engaging because the world they live in isn’t ours, never will be ours, and they’ll always be the flies in our ointment as long as we let them stay there; so maybe a nice big heapin’ helpin’ of the Silent Treatment is the best way to deal with them after all.




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  • Amy

    You forgot the Obama ‘scandals’ republicans.

    • Jillian

      Conservatives aren’t republicans, many won’t have anything to do with Republicans.

  • I feel that the necessity to use hate filled words is lowering ourselves to the same ignorant and uneducated level of the Rush Limbaughs of the world. If we are going to be examples, then we should be right examples.

    • James Schlarmann

      I feel that you need to find another place to find your views and opinions then. Thanks for reading, but if you can’t see the distinction between what I wrote and “hate-filled speech” then we’re not the place for you.

      • ken lavoie

        Your very response to Gramma proves her point. What you basically said to her was “go away, you’re not very smart if you don’t agree with us, go away again”

        • James Schlarmann

          That’s an incredibly incorrect assessment of what I told her. I told her that if she considers this piece “hate filled speech” this isn’t the place for her. She could have cited specific examples of my “hate filled speech” but instead she cast a general blanket statement over it — one that I think misses the mark entirely.

          Please, by all means, enumerate where I’ve used hate-filled speech. Show me where I said I hate anyone? All I’ve done is round-up some very specific examples of the types of talking points and rhetoric as a warning to people that they may find it pointless engaging with people who use this rhetoric.

          I’ll wait for your list of my hate filled speech. Should be interesting.

          • Anna B. C.

            I initially thought this post was perfect. And it really is. Spot on. I was about to post it on my Facebook page. But then I proceeded to the comments for shits and giggles and realized you gave a marvelous depiction of the type of conservative with whom I most detest interacting. (Except you’re not a conservative.)

            Calling people “dumbfucks” might be one example of hate-filled speech. Both of your responses to these commenters trying to have logical and rational discourse while giving constructive criticism have seemed very defensive. They make you look like you can’t have a conversation with anyone whose views don’t line up 100% with yours. But perhaps I should be taking your advice and cease conversation with anyone who can’t “expose themselves to even a whiff of an opposing viewpoint, so why bother debating them?”

          • James Schlarmann

            I believe if you Google “Places to track down and install a sense of humor into my soul” you’ll find a better site than this to suit your needs. Honestly — lighten up. If “dumbfucks” offends you, that’s totally fine. I don’t think I’ve gone more than a day in my life since about the age of four without offending someone in some way, so I’m not offended at your offense.

            I’m just amazed at your allergy to hyperbole.

          • James Schlarmann

            Also, I won’t deny that I am being defensive. That tends to happen when someone very incorrectly categorizes your work. I would daresay that at the very least they represent an extreme minority given the overwhelmingly positive response to this piece.

            I have no problems with how I’ve conducted myself because “dumbfuck” isn’t hate-filled speech as is nothing else here. It’s forceful, but nowhere do I say these people are worthy of scorn and derision. In fact, it’s a subtle way to say perhaps it’s best to stop fighting so strongly with these stubborn people.

            Thanks for making me deconstruct this thing. God knows that’s NEVER bad for something meant to be humorous. Explaining shit ALWAYS makes it funnier.

          • James Schlarmann

            Just to put a button on it — the initial complaint could basically be rephrased to “I don’t like it when potty words get used” because apparently swear-words equal hate-speech to some. Not me, not probably 90% of the world, but to some it does.

        • Jillian

          James Schlarmann, wow verbally threw Gramma Dawn “off the page”. LOL, Gramma Dawn looks like you may be on the wrong (left) side.

    • Yeah, and how’s that been workin’ for us?

    • Not always. There are those people who refuse to understand if you try to be logical, rational, and diplomatic. IOW, the only way they will understand is when and IF you have to lower yourself down to their level to make a point. Been there, done that — only when necessary.

    • Amy

      You are on the humor/satire page. What did you expect? Videos of puppies and kittens playing together?

  • Let’s make something crystal clear. It is apparent that you Mr Shalarmann do not know the definition of hate speech because you just spewed a bucket load of hatred.

    • James Schlarmann

      You keep telling yourself that.

  • impregnated — regardless of whether These are the people who (you are missing the end of one sentence here)

    • James Schlarmann

      Thank you! Twenty gold stars and a high-five! Fixing this now.

  • Save yourself a lot of time and effort: ignore everyone on the right–you can’t have a civil discussion with any of these FOX Noise drones.

  • Steve

    I’d say the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon bombing truthers are even more vile than the birthers.

  • KYWoman

    The only place I can really see anything that could be construed as hate-speech would be this: “Fuck them. Fuck them with an old rake, shovel, two sand buckets and a copy of “Casual Sex?,” ”

    It sort of insinuates the use of violence in conjunction with a sexual act. Now I understood that this is NOT what was intended and took it in context as an expression of exasperation but others might not see that. Just to be fair.

    But yes, yes, and yes. I agree. These rabid hatemongers of the right are just lunatics and act so confused and puzzled when you call them on it cause… can’t you see why they are right and you are wrong? And then they try to act all Christian and superior and I just wanna gouge my own eyeballs out when I heard then whine.

    • James Schlarmann

      Ha! Okay, I’ll give you that. Even though you’re right and I totally meant it as a hyperbolic metaphor, I suppose it could also be taken as a call for violent sexual assault with beach items and a copy of a terrible comedy film. 🙂 Point taken!

  • Well, I was kind of with you through most of it, and the article isn’t half bad, but man, your responses to people are, well, not great. They seem to be very aggressive and angry, and not in tune with the fullness of the things I believe. It detracts from what you are trying to say and the message you wish to impart. I get it, and get what you’re trying to do. I also suggest looking into your self and seeing why are you defensive

    • James Schlarmann

      Well, thanks for saying that article isn’t so shitty and then saying I was uber-defensive. An excellent way to get me take your constructive criticism — backhanded compliment and some armchair psychology. If the acerbic nature of my tone doesn’t suit you, I apologize, but it’s not going to change now, and certainly won’t after any pretentiously doled out advice to seek inner wisdom. I’ll check with HR to see if we’re accepting admissions for the role of editorial director, but I’m pretty sure it’s full.

      “Defensive.” Ell-Oh-Ell.

  • Gray Hunter

    I don’t see any “hate speech”… I see disrespect. And respect has to be earned. Denying reality does not earn respect. Obvious racism does not earn respect. These ignorant and/or stupid conservatives are hurting everyone…including themselves. That does not earn respect….or politeness. Since they aren’t listening to you anyway, why be “nice”? You are OK as long as you are reality based and telling the truth.

    • James Schlarmann

      Thanks Gray. I view these things the same way.

    • Just Sayin’

      With all due respect Gray, I have to disagree with the belief that “Respect has to be earned.” I personally believe the statement, and its belief, is one of the fallacies in today’s communication.

      I believe EVERYBODY deserves respect. It means valuing each others points of views. It means being open to being wrong. It means accepting people as they are. It means not dissing people because they’re different to you. It means not gossiping about people or spreading lies.

      Imagine a world where people respect others from the get-go. Their culture. Their religion. Their race. Too often people jump to conclusions based on these (and many other factors) and immediately disrespect those who believe differently than they do.

      If you don’t respect others, how would you expect others to respect you?

      • “I believe EVERYBODY deserves respect.”

        So, you cannot think of one example of a person who you don’t respect, not a single one?

        Think for a moment before you answer…

  • Remy

    Democrats still can’t get it through their head that there really is some serious problems with Obama. (Much of which is how he is just W. Bush 2.0) This racism card is getting old and pathetic, especially when you ignore the history of slavery from your own party.
    Malcolm X speech:

    How about we have a type of Democrats to ignore list?

    #5. “We don’t care how much war is going on as long as a Democrat is in office.” (Not any better than the “I’m conservative, but I don’t care how much government grows so long as our guy is in office and he is doing it for the military” guy.)

    #4. We care about the rights of all Woman. (Except the ones that have yet to be born.)
    Somehow, not wanting a child in your life automatically means you have to kill a baby. It doesn’t matter how many other options are available. Your life being inconvenienced somehow gives you the right to kill your own child.

    #3. Guns are evil and we should restrict and remove access to them as much as we can. Let’s ignore the cause of these mass shootings ( http://www.ladailypost.com/content/brief-history-psychotropic-drugs-prescribed-mass-murderers ) and just blame the means.
    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    #2. We must refuse all (illegal) immigration reform, and all who support it are racist. There are NO immigration problems and therefore no reason not to change the law to open the border up for everyone, but we are too cowardly to do it.

    #1. We Democrats are too awesome to listen to logic or evidence on the birther issue. We would rather just start throwing the race card around. It doesn’t matter what H. Clinton knew and was about to reveal before being silenced.

    • Steve

      Remy, what logic or evidence supports any birther theory?

      • Remy didn’t consider logic or evidence necessary in any of the rest of what he posted so why should he worry about the total absence of logic or evidence to support birtherism?

        • Steve

          Point well-taken, Roy.

    • Amy

      Nice to know that you think women are so cavalier about abortion. Do you seriously think that a woman doesn’t think it through and weigh all her options first? If adoption is such a great option, why are there so many children in foster care? Maybe a woman who decides to have an abortion doesn’t want her child growing up in the system like so many unwanted children do, like she very well may have. I love it when people say shit that’s basically “women use abortion as birth control.” Accidents happen and the only 2 options that are 100% guaranteed to be fool proof are removing the uterus and castration. Considering that doctors won’t remove a uterus unless there is a serious medical problem, that leaves castration.

      Not a vasectomy…castration. I know a man who got his wife pregnant 20 years after having a vasectomy and work with someone who knows a girl who got pregnant after having her tubes tied. Nothing is foolproof except the 2 options I listed above. How about any guy who has 2 children is automatically castrated after the second is born? It would solve a lot of issues that people seem to have with abortion because it would greatly reduce unwanted pregnancies. But I bet that you are against that because that infringes upon your rights as a man…welcome to the world of women.

      If you honestly think that anyone is pro-abortion, you are fooling yourself. There is no such thing. Just like there is no such thing as pro-life because once their born, they’re fucked. And let’s not forget all the ‘pro-lifers’ who support the death penalty. Oxymoron much? There is only pro-choice and pro-fetus.

    • Amy

      Your immigration reform comment is ridiculous, too. The Republicans are the ones that refuse to vote on an immigration reform bill, as well as any other bill that Obama proposes, even if they wrote the damn thing. http://livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/entry/rubio-threatens-to-vote-against-his-own-immigration

    • Amy

      As far as the video that shows in your comment, did you actually look at the comments from the person who posted the video? She’s a religious nut who believes that we are in end times. That was the biggest spew of conspiracy theory religious zealot crap that I have read in a long time and I’m probably going to have nightmares tonight because of the stupidity of those commenting on the video.

      • James Schlarmann

        Bravo, Amy. Bravo.

    • “We Democrats are too awesome to listen to logic or evidence on the birther issue.”

      Where the hell did you pull that one from?! Maybe your foil hat is on a little too tightly.

      All that has been presented by the birthers are unfounded allegations, blatant misinformation and paranoid conjecture. Where are the logic and evidence that you think that Democrats are ignoring?

      Give some examples, at least. Not a video, devoid of the very logic that you espouse, posted by some raving lunatic Give examples of legitimate evidence and actual logic.

      The first half of that video alone, bombards us with spittle-flecked weasel words, conclusion jumping, and hearsay like “Everybody knows that …”, “I heard Bill Clinton say …”, “Obviously their reason was to…”

  • Mark Whitlock

    Thank you!! I have had the same reaction to these wackos, and I
    really appreciate the clarity with which you write about them. The humor helps deal with the depressing nature of their stupidity.

  • Jack

    fuckin’ on point man!

  • Remy you are right Our President Barock O’ BAMMA our 2nd irish president did not end the wars the day he walked into the white house ! Some times it is easier to get into a war then to get out ! But the Magnitude of of the current struggle is so low that it is difficult to call the current level of mindless destruction a war when compared to the (W) bush levels ! It is five + years later and if any one thinks that Our President was born any where else and rush , hanity or rand paul could not find proof by now well I feel sorry that you have such an opinion ! now you have 3 years to find your proof good luck and good hunting ! we have gone through 2 presidential elections and even though that Karl Rover and his cheating machine was in full swing the gop lost ! so try to unlike the gop controlled house of reps ! , get behind the president vote the gop out of the house reduce the number in the Senate and help this President help us. We have 3 years and maybe the next President will be liked by all !
    God Bless the USA ! and if you do not belive in God ! Then be Good for goodness sake alone ! And James try not to swear as much, it’s good Comedy but it is Intellectually lacking ! I enjoyed all of this !

  • cherrybop

    Can’t say you’re wrong, bro. Fuck the haters.

  • I agree with these categories in principle, except that some of these people are actually in power, and are in positions to do some real damage to their non-believers. (see Virginia and North Carolina these days.) We scoff at them at our peril.

  • J

    The article made me laugh. The only thing I’d say to the author is: Mr. Schlarmann, you have no need to defend yourself. You have made a decision to present your argument with humor, irreverence, fucking swear words, and commendably creative insults. I support this, but others may not. The only thing you should ever feel the need to defend are your ideas, not your presentation.

    Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

  • Jeremiah Goldstein

    Hitler was a leftists, your argument that military growth made him left wing is incorrect. For it to be correct military growth would have to be done exclusively by right wing political ideologies. The USSR which was clearly left wing and had massive military growth, and then there is North Korea. So that is one point out the window.

    Nationalism is also not exclusively right wing, once again look at the USSR and North Korea.

    Now lets look at the definition of Nazism, it is national socialism. I have established that nationalism isn’t exclusively right wing, and we know socialism definitely isn’t right wing.

    I suggest you rely on some knowledge that comes from something other than your 10th grade history class. This article is clearly a display of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

    • James Schlarmann

      I suggest you not only take a remedial course in history, but that you also buy yourself a dictionary so that you can you actually know the differences between socialism and nationalist socialism. But I will give you MASSIVE props for writing the most amount of words that are the most full of shit I have seen in a long, long time.

    • Blake

      Hitler was not a leftist, and militarism and nationalism is note reserved for just conservatives. Remember this old line?

      First they came for the communists,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

      Then they came for the socialists,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

      Then they came for me,
      and there was no one left to speak for me.

      None of this sounds like the actions of a guy who would support leftist political agendas. He was totalitarian.

      The Nazi party emerged out of the extreme German nationalist, racist and populist paramilitary culture, which fought against the communist uprisings in post-World War I Germany. Advocacy of a form of socialism by right-wing figures and movements in Germany became common during and after World War I, influencing Nazism. Arthur Moeller van den Bruck of the Conservative Revolutionary movement coined the term “Third Reich”, and advocated an ideology combining the nationalism of the right and the socialism of the left. Prominent Conservative Revolutionary member Oswald Spengler’s conception of a “Prussian Socialism” influenced the Nazis. The party was created as a means to draw workers away from communism and into völkisch nationalism. Initially, Nazi political strategy focused on anti-big business, anti-bourgeois, and anti-capitalist rhetoric, although such aspects were later downplayed in order to gain the support of industrial entities, and in 1930s the party’s focus shifted to antisemitic and anti-Marxist themes. And before you tell someone to go read something other than a tenth grade history book, here’s some light reading for you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_Party

      Welcome to the internet, where your sources are cited for you.

  • Lilly

    Well said James!

    I will smile in 15 years or so when we look back and see Obama as one of the greatest presidents of all time.

    Passing historic healthcare reform we had been trying to pass for decades. Destroying “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and publicly supporting LGBT rights. Plus even more that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

    All under two wars he didn’t start, in the middle of a recession, and after he lost majority powers with the passing of Ted Kennedy.

    Does an Obama hater that’s not a bigot, racist, scooter bound republican, welfare leeching bum, delusional libertarian, fundamentalist nitwit, anti choice scumbag, tax evader or fearful gun nut exist?

  • usprogs

    The ties to slavery as the cause of the Civil War are not a strong as you like to believe. My people came from all over the South, and New York State, plus Connecticut. Try this: Most Southerners did not own slaves. It was only the rich who did. The idea that North Carolina left the union to preserve slavery flys in the face of geography. They were surrounded by states that left the union. They had no alternative. Florida was not enthused about secession, but were cut off from the Union states. Many Indians were offered rights in exchange for fighting for the South. There were varied reasons if you look at primary records.

  • Liz Carter

    You got that right Remy!! This racism thing sure is getting old!! It’s close to 400 years old in this so called “United” States of America, and it has raised it’s ugly head from it’s covert position of a rather long ‘bat-like sleep these last 5 years. America has NEVER been cleansed of racism and she probably won’t EVER be either!! As long as anybody, especially of the so-labeled “minority” in this country continues to be treated unfairly, unequally, unjustly, inhumanely and dismissed by the “long arm”,….”long-standing” establishment of the “old white supremacy”,…you hadn’t seen nothing yet. Getting old, huh?? What’s really getting old is the fact that many of us have sat back and got relaxed in the last 3 or 4 decades, really believing “we had overcome”!! Really falling for the old ‘okey-doke”!! They really didn’t want this and it shows!! There were many who fought and died for these “civil rights”, African Americans (coloreds), Jews and many courageous whites, as ridiculous and as troubling as it seemed!! There was a time we had to go to war with this establishment,…fight, loose limbs, eyes and die for this same “United” America, but we had to do it in our on units,….”The Negro Units”!!! President Truman had to use his “executive powers” to make that “CHANGE” in US Military policy, although it continued through the Korean and Cold Wars. The first “integrated” war was the one we had no business in other than greed as usual, Vietnam!! Then there were still differences made among the black and white troops!! Wartime seems to be when everybody is expected to put all our “differences” aside!! Only by the Grace of GOD, some of us have managed to make it back, to what was told to us was our country too,…just to go right back to the “supremacists evil acts and behaviors” of oppression, inequality, unfairness, injustice and disenfranchisement. Granted,….”We’ve come this far by faith”,….but we still have a long way to go to begin to believe “We’ve OVERCOME”!! This is the scenario that I was born in, as I’ve lived it and seen it: The US STANDARDIZED ESTABLISHMENT as it was: 1964–“Alright, y’all, we let you have some pretty good jobs now,….simply because of that thing we all hate called “affirmative action”. “So y’all are making a little bit more money now, so yeah, you can come and sit down in our restaurants spend your money and eat now”!! “You don’t have to go through the “colored entrance” in the back of the building of the FOX and the RIALTO theaters and climb the stairs to go sit up in the balcony anymore”. “You don’t have to sit in the back of the bus anymore, or get up out of your seat and stand even if it’s in the back, to let a white man or woman sit down”.”Nor do you have to look for the “colored only” bathrooms and waiting rooms anymore,….or drink out of the “colored water-fountains”. “We took the signs down”. “You don’t have to step off the side-walk or drop your heads when you see a white man or woman walking towards you anymore”! “Now, since y’all got these pretty good jobs, like driving buses, working for the post office, and GM with those good health insurances, you can come on to our (white) hospitals for care now”. “You don’t have to keep going to the county hospital”. “Hey, you can even come “tithe” and worship in our (white) churches now”. “Oh yeah, you can try on the clothes and shoes like everybody else now in our stores, if you plan on buying something”!! “You can even let your children ride the “Pink Pig” at Christmas time at Rich’s now”. “You can sign up at our good schools like GA STATE, GA TECH and The UNIVERSITY of GEORGIA now, if you’re a damn good foot-ball or basket-ball player”!! “That’ll bring more money, credit and notoriety to our schools”. “Well, ok,….you can come if you’re a geek too”. “You gotta be extra smart now, so you can get some of that federal grant money or a loan ya hear”?? “We can use the money”. 1965–“Oh, so now you all can vote too”!! (but we’ll tell you who to vote for) “If you don’t, you know we got ways of finding out you might lose your job”!!! Laws don’t change hearts, souls and mindsets. The mindset of “supremacy” is still with many white Americans today and the “internalization” of racism and it’s perpetual systemically driven side effects are still hurting many African Americans throughout this country. As to your point about us ignoring slavery by our own party,…that’s something else that you may need to rethink or do a little more research on. We couldn’t be anything but Republicans once upon a time,…because black folk loved and respected Abraham Lincoln for emancipating us from “chattel slavery”!! Now if you believe that we believe that this thing called a Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln,….the man who saved the nation by bringing it together,…the NORTH and the SOUTH,….the Union and the Confederate,…working hard to make it truly “One nation under GOD “indivisible”, and in the process, emancipating us,… which we know very well turned the heat up on himself??!!!….You need to take an aspirin and lay down think again! The Southern Democrats were Conservative Democrats who hated Lincoln for that,….they weren’t real Democrats anyway, they were Southern “Dixiecrats”, campaigning, running and being elected under the Democratic banner. After they killed Lincoln, they started jumping ship and taking over the Republican Party. Oh there were still a few sensible good ones left in there,…ones who still tried to speak on behalf of the “American People”, but you see what we got now. That rag-tag of a Republican Party is ever-evolving into a corporate monster with no thought for any of the American people as long as they’re getting their palms greased!! Now I’m not stupid enough NOT to know that there are some factions (people) in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY who do the same thing. Money changes a whole lot of people, but all in all,…they DO still try to work to get something done on the behalf of the American People, while they’ve got their hands in “the cookie jar”!! I believe that they are the “best of the mess”. That’s more than I can say for the ReTHUGS!! They collect our taxes across the board, but they’re for themselves and their cronies ONLY!! They’re non other than the old ideological mindsets of the Dixiecratic Conservative Democrats “turned” “Republicans”!! They are now your Republican Party!! YOU MAY HAVE THEM!! One more thing, it would seem to me if President Barack Hussein Obama was just another George W Bush, you and your party ought to be happy!! Everybody got paid, and Bush got away with murder, literally,…and without too much propaganda, chaos, controversy, picking apart or banter from the media or anybody else. The few that questioned the failed policies were somehow pretty much just side-lined until it was too late!! This is my story and right now I’m sticking to it.

  • Lenny

    BTW, wasn’t Lincoln a Republican?

  • Hobbs

    Well there’s three minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

    • James Schlarmann

      You should cry about it.

  • cmc

    I find it is usually the best practice to let people have their opinions and listen to what they’re saying, because each and every side may have some wisdom beyond their perceived intelligence, and, if nothing else, you may even get a chuckle out of some of their viewpoints. But, it’s not usually the smartest move to pigeon-hole people. I know people who are considered liberals, conservatives, and moderates by their respective circles of influence. At the same time, dispersed across these perceived factions, I find individuals who behave as though a paycheck is just a paycheck and one is not necessarily obliged to actually provide a good or service to be entitled to collect that paycheck. Meanwhile, some of the others tend to appear to lean more to the side that one should be obliged to provide a good or service for their keep. Mind you, there are, in this example, conservatives, liberals, and, possibly, moderates who act as though it should not be a requirement that one provide a good or service of tangible value in order to collect a steady paycheck. I used to think only liberals leaned toward collecting paychecks without providing a good or service. I used to think most conservatives were hard workers. I still believe that moderates weigh the facts and decide based on logic, not emotion. I believe that any member(s) of any one perceived faction that pigeon-hole the opposition(s) are defending their position mostly out of emotion, not necessarily logic. This article, with postings, has been a, mostly, emotional discussion, in varying degrees.

    • James Schlarmann

      We get it. You’re better than us. Just glad you took time out of your busy life to commit even more neurons to something you didn’t like in the first place. Yay you?

  • ryuge
  • dennisbohner

    Approximately one third (one sixth officially) of the people are stupid. This is where the compassion demanded for the raped pregnant (most rapes are male on male) woman also must be employed by those favored with innate intelligence. These victims of ‘god’ or statistics are no less innocent.
    They can not help their condition which causes them to be unable to participate in activities requiring higher level functioning. This inadequacy trait even runs in families. You don’t ask dwarfs to paint the crown moulding. Stop acting as if your superior vantage point allows you an inherited moral judgement seat.
    You are no different then one born rich. It’s just luck.
    It does not absolve you of being a D-bag to the dumb.
    Attempting to educate morons is painful work and requires capacities I know I do NOT have. I should though and have begun programming myself to not become irritated, reactive and just non-sympathetic to the impaired.
    Yet, being kind does not free us of the burden to attempt uplift. It’s a MORAL IMPERATIVE. Somehow, we must drag these folks along into a better existence without making them so uncomfortable that they dig in their heels, complicating the process of progression.
    However the pathological ‘conservative’, who can be just an immoral rapscallion or having been raised by wolves, they need to be avoided and ignored. They are ignorant because it suits their world view. It is a conscious rejection of sanity and is identifiable as a ‘crime’ of willed ignorance. Guilt ridden proselytizing only furthers the chance of them swinging from the metaphorical intellectual lamppost.
    Let the crows at them.
    They are just evil, no more and should be cast aside.
    The stupid must be sheltered, neutered in as many ways as possible, and nurtured. They are humans and they should be feared while respected as such. The fact that they breathe does not make their opinions worthy but they can buy weapons and vote. Scary.
    Instead of dragging them into the future, we need to prepare proper short buses, painted alluringly, to attract them and haul them along in the grand parade. Otherwise we move toward eugenics as a cure or place them into a dis-enfranchisement zone so they can be SAFELY ignored.

    • grace

      (most rapes are male on male)
      You are one dumbfuck aren’t you?!

      • Heidi

        Wow. Okay, Grace, calm down. I’m pretty sure he was insulting conservatives, in a lengthy, long-winded way.
        Dennis, 1 in 6 women are raped, every year. Where 1 in 33 men are raped, every year. Your claim that it is male on male, is simply incorrect.

        • lytav

          Those are reported rapes? I am sure the male on male are way under reported, having said that women are undoubtedly more likely to be raped.

    • KW

      Hmmm, you use alot of words but say nothing at all. You say most people are incompetent, then you go on to project your own personnel inadequacies onto people you perceive as your enemy. You do not attempt to engage their world view or look at it without bias.

      Is it because you yourself are incapable of looking at something without bias without risk being consumed by it? Or is it because you know you can’t refute their line of thinking?

      Look at yourself, your a violent imperialist by your own admission. The thought of someone living in a way you disagree with is something you can’t abide by. Why is that? If your right, time will only glorify the fact that you are right. If you are wrong though, the mere presence of those who don’t drink the kool-aide would be an affront to you, a constant reminder of your perpetual inadequacies and wrongness.

      Instead you advocate oppression and genocide, thank you again for proving leftism is a symptom of a mental illness.

      • Political Garbage

        “you use alot of words but say nothing at all”

        Oh. The. Irony.

  • EverTheGreen

    If your Tea Party uncle insists on the Hitler was a liberal rant, show them this:


    This is the night that “Socialist” dropped off the term “National Socialist”.

    • KW

      Leftists have a long, long history of butchering other leftists. Look at the Soviet Union and how the Bolsheviks towards the end/ after the civil war in Russia, began a purge of non-Bolshevik communists.

      From an American perspective, Nazism, National Socialism, is leftist. The reason for the mythos against, or rather damnation of nationalism is, a nationalist state is a state that cannot be conquered, have genocide committed against it, or destroyed easily(the concept of nationalism vs multinational/globalism is a purely biological, cultural and semi political thing, and can be leftist or rightist. Trying to frame nationalism as right wing and globalism as left wing is nothing more then a product of a feeble mind since the farther right you go, you end up with anarchy, while the farther left you go, you end up with absolute totalitarianism. One could have a leftist global state or a rightist global state).

      Leftism as a state of mind or political construct, is historically put, the subjugation of the rural by the urban for the benefit of the urban. Not just urban vs rural, but really, leftism vs others, the ultimate in mental and physical imperialism. Leftists are Sophists, concepts like truths and facts are meaningless, what matters is forcing others to agree with them. In short leftists are the people who want to do the raping, killings and thieving as a form of control over others(notice how leftists historically advocate the usage of rape as a weapon. From the Communists in the USSR ordering Soviet soldiers to rape their way to Berlin, to leftist feminists in Rwanda advising their soldiers how to effectively use rape as a weapon).

      It is part of leftists DNA, which is why leftists are responsible for well over 80% of gun violence in America(People affiliated with leftist political partys and their families). From Columbine to Aurora, the vast majority of mass shooters tend to be leftists.

      Then after the mass shootings, other leftists call for the killings of gun rights individuals(who want guns to protect themselves from leftist violence), and surprise surprise a few gun rights individuals end up dead under suspicious circumstances.

      Leftism, as it is in the 21st Century, is without a doubt a mental illness, or a symptom of an underlining mental illness.

      • Political Garbage



        The World

      • Ekaterina Kaverina

        leftists are responsible for well over 80% of gun violence in America?

      • Philip Schuster

        You can define left & right in terms of totalitarian vs. libertarian, but you are then redefining those terms. So was the black civil rights movements a totalitarian movement? Is worker’s comp & safety standards in the workplace totalitarian? Were people like Kropotkin and other anarchosocialists right wingers? People usually define right vs. left in terms of public sector vs. private sector interests, and totalitarian vs. libertarian as separate axis. Oh, and Hitler abolished leftist labor unions, so what does that make him?

  • Satina Pavia

    I believe I don’t care to listen to the Karaoke Conservatives. You know the ones we all suffer through who think they are good, and their families continue to tell them how good they are. Not only are they tone deaf, blind to the truth and just plain f***ing DUMB!, but they think they are the next American Idol!!!!!

  • therain

    I absolutely love it that you liberal clowns are so desperate and hysterical you have to come up articles like this.

    We are taking the senate back in 2014, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    • KW

      Shh. Don’t antagonize them. Leftists are mentally ill and they will merely do what they always do when elections look tight, they will try to rig the election.

  • Terry J. Henry

    Anyone who voted for the mulatto son of a whore Obama……are the dumbest people alive today

  • BentDemocrat

    Which just proves my prediction will likely come true. Ted Cruz will run? Unlikely, not enough “umph.” Rand Paul? Please!

    No, it is going to be Putin & Palin 2016.

  • Texas_Pete

    You missed one, here in Texas we get the ones that believe the bible supersedes the constitution and there is no arguing with them.

  • KW

    Reading stuff like this is amusing, and a reminder of how mentally disturbed liberals are.

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